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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Witchy Mouse and Bird in Progress

A little witch mouse, some "eye of newt" (yuck!), and a little wand. The book of Shadows was one of two I received from Pat Carlson in a swap we did a while back - awesome little books, with real little spells inside. The bird's not done yet.

The wand has a little amethyst crystal (well, actually I think it's just purple plastic, lol) Anyway, I have to thank Glenda for the wand idea! :)

Look Ewa, see the lousy EasyCast resin, LOL. I'm sure it has more to do with me than it does with the product itself. Lots of bubbles and a big old indentation on top! UGH!!

I don't do birds normally, but it's always fun to try something new. He hasn't been flocked and feathered yet - he may look unrecognizable after I'm done.


  1. I was so exited when I replied to your email that I forgot to answer your questions, will be sending a new email :D

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them :D And are you afraid that the little bird will become a furball ;)

    I'm going to have my sleeping bird in my greenhouse :D :D :D Happy jumping :D

  2. I've already seen this cutee little mouse on Ira's blog so you know I just love him/her!!;) The bird already looks pretty - hope you will show us him furred :D As for the eye's jar - it is perfect! I think that bubbles suit the eyes!:D As for indentation maybe you could add a drop of easy resin exactly on it and it will level itself? Anyway, it is much more interesting than even surface without and bubbles and whirlpools or hollows ;D

  3. This is going to be a lovely set again,Kristy! Love the sleeping bird- and your mice are priceless.

  4. El raton brujita es fabuloso y el tarrito con los ojos genial.
    Una gran idea, para las que nos gustan los trabajos con brujas.
    Seguro que el pajarito quedara fantastico cuando le pongas las plumas, estoy deseando verlo acabado.
    Un trabajo genial!!
    besitos ascension

  5. The little mouse is just too cute and so is the bird, even without it's feathers. Love the wand and the book and what's wrong with bubbles? Who knows what magical concoction is in that jar, keeping those eyes as fresh as can be.

    Thanks for sharing :o)


  6. The witchy mouse is so cute I can hardly find any words for it... absolutely well done, as usual. The jar is fine, too, I agree with Angela - how can non-witches like us know what sort of creepy, spooky and jinxed liquid is needed for keeping eyes fresh for future witch experiments? ;O)

    I hope you'll finish the bird soon, I think he'll be very colourful.

  7. The witchy mouse is just fabulous - love her!!! (him?)

  8. I see you're keeping yourself buzy! I am eager to see what you do with the bird; though I am not fond of mice in general, this creature is adorable. Must be the hat. ;-)


  9. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....I LOVE it.....oh my God...I need that Witchy Mouse!!! Is it for sale?

    Hugs , Karin

  10. AAAAAAAH - even if I love your racoons (I don't know if I mentioned it before.....)this mouse is absolutey gorgeous!!!! If you put it in your shop, there'll be a run on it!!!! I'm running with it!

  11. SO SO cute the witchy mouse!! I love it! and the eyes in the bottle, so real, great!! greetings

  12. sooooo cute Kristy! I love the little hat on the mouse too- and her wand is adorable! I have to tell you that I really, really love the bird right now without the flocking- there's just something about him/her that makes you want to hug him/her! Fabulous work!!!

  13. You know what's nice about posting something new late at night? You get to wake up in the morning to read all the wonderful comments from all of you. What a way to start the day right.
    Thank you so much everyone!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS......lots of 'em. :)
    Most of you already know that this was a commission from Ira (Merry Jingle), so I can't take credit for the idea of a little mouse wearing a witch hat, that idea is all hers.
    Now the scary part, trying to feather a bird, and yes Ira, I AM afraid it will become a furball (LOL).
    Karin, I'm sure I'll be making more "witchy" mice and other animals. I may have to get some decent hats from Kat the Hat Lady though, making that hat was a real PITA for me, lol.

  14. This is just adorable! Well, maybe not the eye of newt so much, but it definitely adds to the character! That mouse is so ridiculously cute in it's little hat!

  15. These are wonderful! I even like the little bird without his feathers, lol. Super job.


  16. Hola Kristy.
    Termino de descubrir tu blog y estoy absolutamente enamorada de tus animalitos.
    Tienes un don especial para crearlos.
    Sus expresiones son perfectas y transmiten una dulzura increíble.
    El conejo, el ratón brujo, el ratón zampón de quesos, el erizo, el mapache, el panda, la zarigüeya, el conejo de indias.
    Todos son una preciosidad. Eres una verdadera artista.
    Ojala hubiera llegado a tiempo para poder participar en el sorteo.
    Enhorabuena por esas manos y todo tu maravilloso mini zoo.
    Besitos, May

    Hi Kristy.
    I have discovered your blog now and I am absolutely in love with your pets.
    You have a knack for creating them.
    Their expressions are perfect and transmit an incredible sweetness.
    The rabbit, mouse witch, mouse cheese zampone, the hedgehog, raccoon, panda, possum, guinea pig.
    All are beautiful. You are a true artist.
    It is a shame not to have come in time to participate in the drawing.
    Congratulations on those hands and all your wonderful mini zoo.
    Kisses, May

  17. You have been busy :-)

    I love the look of the bird just as it is....can't wait to see him done :-)

  18. Wow, thanks so much May!
    And don't feel too bad about missing the drawing - I hope to be able to have more "give-aways" in the future. :)

  19. That little birdie is such a cutie!!! I love the entire set!!

    Kristy, resin can be a total beeeeeyotch. I think that jar looks good, but if you ever see some bubbles popping up (which I do, on a regular basis), exhale on the surface to disperse them. NOT blow, but exhale. Like, hot breath ;-). Another thing you can do is get one of those scrapbooking devices that expels heat (it's a wandlike device). Hold it a bit away from the surface and aim it all over. VERY briefly (or the resin will "cook". Another thing you can use, particularly for closed containers, is Scenic Water. I just pinch a tiny amount, put it in a glass cup, and zap it in the micro for a few seconds, until it's liquified. Just pour it into your container (or glass jar, in this case) and it will start setting in minutes. NO bubbles!! Just make sure you seal the container with a lid afterwards.

    OMG. I have diarrhea of the mouth. Or should I say fingers??

  20. Hey, thanks for the tips Kiva! This was the same resin I used to make the water in the cat's bath, and it worked fine. But I think these little dollhouse jars are much smaller and narrower. I sort of messed up when I was trying to pour a tiny amount in, and that may have something to do with the indent.