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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"It's clouding up", "pop" and "spendy"

Some of you may have seen this little quiz going around in blog land. Just cut and paste a few paragraphs you wrote from your blog or e-mails or whatever you'd like, and it will "analyze" it and tell you who you supposedly write like. Here's the link if you'd like to find out: I Write Like
I expected it to tell me I write like a 12 year old, but instead it told me I write like Chuck Palahniuk, one of the very few well known authors from Portland, Oregon where I was born and raised and currently live. This made me wonder if us Portlanders talk funny, lol. My New york born and raised husband thinks so. When the sky is getting cloudy, we say "It's clouding up", soda pop is just "pop", and if something is expensive it's "spendy". My husband says he's only heard these things since he moved to Portland.
So I'm hoping to prove him wrong and find out how many of you out there also say "It's clouding up", "pop" or "spendy", LOL
I know, this is a silly post and has nothing to do with miniatures.......but I'm BORED, LOL.


  1. Fascinating! We say "it's clouding up" in many parts of Canada, for sure, eh? We always call soda "pop" up here, at least in the places I've been. Spendy -- I can't help you with that one, but I can try to start a trend ... :)


  2. I live in Indiana, but most of my family is from Tennessee. We also say "pop" and "it's clouding up". I haven't heard "spendy" though. Sometimes we say something is "salty" if it is expensive, LOL, I'm not sure why!

  3. I am not a native speaker so I know nothing about the words you wrote but I know sometimes we think the words should be similar everywhere. And sometimes they do sounds the same. Not always of course.My friend once made up a new word in English which for her was a simple translation from Polish. The word is "aircondition" which in Polish is "klimatyzacja" and she asked politely in one of the hotels in Tunisia if there is a climatisation working in our room.;)

  4. I find this fascinating! lol

    I'm British and from London, so I or we say it's cloudy and we don't say pop or soda pop at all in Britian..we say what it is, e.g. Cola, Coke, Lemonade etc.

    If something is expensive I might say it's either dear, costly, cost a bomb,but I've never heard any American say spendy or cloudy up for that matter! lol :o)

    Michelle xx

  5. Oh wow!!! Well except for "spendy", LOL, looks like I'm not alone!
    You must get to work on setting that trend Nina!
    Jeannette - salty??? wtf? LOL
    Ewa, that's hilarious! I hope they eventually understood what she was trying to say. I'm so impressed, and envious with those that can speak two or more languages-like you.

  6. I am from England but live in California.

    Although Michelle is English too we are from different parts of England.

    I also call it pop...and did so back in England as well. In California it would be soda but when I lived in Minnesota it seemed any kind of soda was called pop. And I think it is the south US where any kind of soda is just called coke lol.

    I say it's clouding up and did so while in England too. Don't say it very much in California though as we rarely have clouds lol.

    I visit a lot of skydiving centers and it seems they all say the weather is claggy when it is cloudy..this is the same worldwide strangely enough.

    Spendy I've only ever heard in America. In England I'd say it was dear like Michelle.

    Very interesting questions...shows our differences well.

  7. I'm not either native speaker, but I call the sodas pop, for me soda is the sparkling water :) And I would say that it's getting cloudy, never heard spendy :)

    Jeandette, in Finland we also say something expensive to be salty priced or that something cost honey - well, honey is quite expensive :D

    Ewa - lol :D

    It's funny when mixing all the languages - while living in Switzerland I used daily Finnish, English and Swiss German and sometimes really strange words came out of my mouth... One hilarous incident happened to my friend who was flying from Switzerland to Finland with Swedish airlane. She saw the stewartess approaching and started thinking how do you say thank you in Swedish (we all learn Swedish at school) but having a black out she happily said: "Duck" :D Should have seen the lady's face :D (And some explanation, thank you is in German Danke, in Swedish tack)

  8. I'm born and raised in Minnesota and soda has always been "pop" to me...I say something is "spendy" or "pricey" but I've never said "it's clouding up"....thinking about it I think I always say "it's gettin dark" :) I dream of moving to Washington or Oregon- so jealous of living in your part of the world. I've only visited Washington twice- but both times I was in love instantly- great weather, fresh food that explodes with flavor in your mouth like it's supposed to and the most beautiful views ever! Fun post Kristy :)

  9. There are as many differences in Britain in what expressions we use as in any other country as Jayne has highlighted. ;o)

    I do say 'it's clouding over', I just had to think about what I actually say! lol

    There should be more posts like this it's fun and interesting.

    Michelle xx

  10. This is so funny, I was hoping for some other states in the U.S. to use some of these words, but I'm really surprised to see people from other countries have.
    Jayne, I can't wait to tell hubby that some people in England say "it's clouding up", LOL.
    Ira, hahaha. It's a good thing Danke starts with the letter "D" instead of....well, you know where this is going, LOL.
    Kim, it is pretty in the Northwest (lots of green) ....BUT, I wouldn't say the weather is great. Lots and lots of rain! Summer and early fall can be very nice, but winter and spring are usually very wet and gray.

  11. I knew you would say that Kristy- thought of it right after I hit the publish button- you see....I LOVE rainy and cloudy- I'm the only gal I know that can take weeks and weeks of it and not feel sad :) I think I would be in heaven, but sadly my hubby doesn't think he would be :)

  12. I'm from the New England area (lived in most of the region's states at one time or another) and we always say "clouding up" and "clearing up" both of which it does often! "Soda" is commonly used around here, not "pop"....but often people just say the brand name like "coke" or "pepsi" or "dr. pepper" or "root beer". "Spendy" is not a word I have ever heard used here! "Pricey" is more like it!

  13. Really Kim? Those dark, rainy days really get to me. Gloomy weather makes me feel gloomy.
    Daydreamer, my husband laughs whenever I say "clouding up" - I'm so going to rub this in his face tonight, haha!
    I'm surprised about "spendy". It just never occurred to me that so few people use it, or have even heard of it.
    HAHA, I just went to an online dictionary to see if the word "spendy" was in there. Yes it is, BUT it says it's chiefly used in the Pacific Northwest.
    Ok, so I did some more research and I don't understand this--------->

    Take the test:
    "Say 'caught' and 'cot' out loud. If you're a true Northwest speaker, the words will sound identical."

    Well of course they sound the same, don't they???

  14. Here in Illinois we say "It's clouding up", or "clearing up", and even "icing up" in the winter. It seems Coke or Pepsi are almost used generically, unless you are ordering a root beer or other flavor, but "pop" is the most generic word. No "spendy" here, though. "Pricey" is the usual.

  15. "Caught" and "cot" are not the same, Kristy!

  16. I know cot and caught are two different words meaning different things - but they sound identical, right? I don't get it?

  17. This cool! I always like hearing about different regional expressions. I'm originally from Illinois and soda was pop and when there was a storm brewing it was clouding up. I've never used spendy, though. It's kind of weird because I now say when it's clouding up that it's getting thick out there. I think I got that from living in Northern Claifornia and the fog.

  18. we say pop here also. Never heard of clouding up.
    I did the test and it said I write like Mario Puzo who wrote the Godfather books! LOL.

  19. Over here, we don't say soda pop. We do however "pop" each other which entails hitting your right fist repeatedly against your left palm and looking rather threatening. You can practise if you wish :)

  20. Well since I'm a little bored for the

    It's clouding up is popular in new england here. We say soda, but all the ny cousins say soda pop and I've never heard spendy!

    The link to check our writing was fun! I write like Stephen King! Maybe that's how I can make some money to pay for the rehab if that's the case! LOL

  21. This was fun, thumper. ;)

    I've heard clouding up, but I just say it's cloudy.

    Spendy, I've heard as well, but that could just be from being online so much.

    Pop is definitely after you go out west! Everyone else says soda.

    Where my husband is from, they say expensive things are dear. I've used it recently and people knew what it meant.

    Love exploring other cultures, etc. :)

    Obviously. lol ;)