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Friday, July 23, 2010

An Idea! (Good, Bad, Illegal?)

Sometimes I come up with crazy ideas without thinking them through properly. So though at the moment I'm thinking "Hey, why not!!!?", I thought I'd see what others opinions are. There must be some reason this isn't already being done that I don't know about.

The idea: Our own private auctions on our blogs or websites. I'm thinking I could put a critter up on a separate page of my blog called "auctions" or something like that. If people prefer to remain anonymous while bidding, they could simply e-mail me with their bid. I'd have to monitor my mail often and update the "current bid amount" as it went along. I'd probably also have to notify past customers that I'm doing this since most of my blog followers are also starving artists, lol.
Though I give a portion of my sales to animal charities each month, I'd like to be able to give an even bigger percentage (50%) of any animals sold via my auctions.
So..........stupid idea, good idea, I'll get in big trouble by the big, bad e-bay idea......??


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  2. Kristy,

    While I think it is a great idea but as you said I believe it is illegal.
    If I remember correctly, in the terms and conditions when setting up a Google blog... It said you cannot use your blog site to sell things. You can advertise links to where you sell though.

  3. yes, she is correct, there is some clause if I'm not mistaken about charity sales/auctions, but for non profit only I think....It is a great thought though..IXNAY on EBAY>>and their fees! ever consider selling on FaeBae? FaeBay..not sure of the spelling there, but the fees are GREATLY reduced from ebay

  4. Its a fab idea but it is illegal. I think you need a license to auction too... although not sure.

  5. I dont think there is anything wrong in selling through your blog though, and have seen many people doing so, by using paypal buttons.
    I tried it but couldn't get the button to vanish when my friend did a trial purchase, so went back to etsy.

  6. I agree with Nikki, quite a few people have a For Sale page attached to their blog with a link to their website.

    I like this idea as I quite often come across artisans whose work I love but have no idea of price or where I can buy their work,

  7. Damn! I knew it! Seems like there could be some way around this - like calling it a "Blog not really Give Away" or maybe a contest: e-mail me a number and I'll pick the number I like best,wink wink, LOL. Catherine, where did you read that we couldn't sell directly from our blogs? I wonder if those that are doing so are aware of this.

  8. I have been digging around and I cannot find anything where is says one CANNOT use their blog to sell things. There are several topics on Blooger Help where that very thing is addressed. Apparently people are doing it. I know Nikki tried to but had a few technical problems though I'll bet those could have been worked through eventually.

    I haven't come across any topics covering auctions specifically.

    I think it is a great idea if the logistics can be worked out. I'm going to keep looking.

  9. Kristy, I read through Blogger's Content Policy and it is very specific about what cannot be done. Neither selling or auctioning from your blog is mentioned as prohibited. I do not know the "rules" for auctioning in general but I don't see why you could not sell on your blog. I don't even see why you couldn't try auctioning something on your blog, although that might be a little more bothersome logistically.

  10. I'm thinking Nikki is right about needing some kind of license to have an auction unfortunately. But...couldn't it be something not quite an auction..hmmm. I'm going to start looking into this as well, lol.

  11. I've thought of doing the same, too. I know that when I was affilliated with Art Helping Animals we sold our works directly from the blog. Not through auctions though. I believe there are some legal issues. You can post a paypal button on your post.

  12. I couldn't find anything saying you needed a auctioneer's license if selling your own things, different story if you are selling other people's things for them. And from what I can tell, it's okay to sell from your blog or do whatever you want with your blog - it's your blog. So I think it would be okay to do. But now I'm wondering if it's even such a good idea. I mean if I were to post the bilby or the cat in the bath tub or lets say a little raccoon with a starting price of $5.00, would anybody be interested in bidding via e-mails to me? I'm thinking probably not, lol. But I still think I might try it some day just for fun to see how it works.

    Hey Robin, don't you still sell through "Art for Critters"?

  13. Aqui en España, hay mucha gente que vende en su blog.
    Dan un numero de cuenta corriente, ingresas el importe de la pieza y la artesana te lo manda.
    Lo que no se hace es subastar, eso creo que sera mas dificil de hacer.
    besitos ascension

  14. Another way for you to sell would be to start your own yahoo group where people can become members and then see what you are offering and post bids or expressions of interest. I belong to a couple of groups that work like this. You can announce details on your blog.

  15. I also thought about selling via my blog and I couldn't find a thing that is speaking against in the blogger terms. But I think the auction could be a little bit difficult to handle.
    I looked for "auction gadget" and found this:
    perhaps, this will help.

  16. This is an interesting idea, Kristy! Lord knows, I pay ebay enough fees, although you can't really beat the traffic they bring in (and I like the auction format). Something tells me that this wouldn't be kosher, but I could be wrong??

    I seem to remember that there is an auction site that is miniatures only?? I'm not sure how much traffic they get...I wish I could remember the name :-/.

  17. Miniatures Only Auction, I think that is what Kiva is referring to, it's still pretty new and up and coming.

    I see no reason why you can't do an auction on your blog (if you want to handle the emails) or just sell outright.

    Looking forward to seeing how this all transpires and I wish you the best with it. :)