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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Prize Has Arrived!!! Wheeeeeeee!

The postman brought me a little package of happiness this morning! My prize I won from Asuka Sakumo's blog give-away arrived - sooner than I was expecting. Everything is just wonderful, better in real life! I was blown away by how tiny and detailed and realistic the little tarts are, and the cocoa looks so real, I was seriously tempted to take a sip. Now that little black tatting - I'm lost! I mean how do you do that??? It's such a delicate, intricate little piece. And Asuka made the little panda charm herself as well. Isn't it cute?!! I believe she has quite a variety available for sale now. OH, and to top it off, she included some extras......a whole ton of tiny printies of little candy boxes (I think it's candy but the writing is in another language, lol).
So Asuka aka: Stephanie - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Please ignore my disgusting fingers in these shots, but they are so tiny I had to really zoom in.
I love this one with the tiny kiwi.

And look at this one with the tiny slice of fruit and an itsy bitsy chocolate heart.

Hot, frothy, yummy.....I want to sip it!!


  1. dang, you sure are a lucky little fiver Kristy! Wow these are great minis, I would love to have one of your hedgehogs sippin on this hot cocoa! congrats! xoxo Christel

  2. WOW! What wonderful miniature gifts! I love those pastries! The hot choclate isn't tempting me in this super hot weather. It does look perfect though! I love the tatting. My mother could do that and it is just a mystery to me.

    Oh BTW... I am sending your finger prints off to the FBI to see if you're on their list. LOL ;-)

  3. LOL Catherine. I don't doubt I'm in their system somewhere. I'm sure we all are these days.
    Christel, I would love to be able to make something like this for my critters - but these ones are mine...ALL MINE!!! :D Not for sale, nope! LOL

  4. Cool minies!!Lucky You Kristy!!:D

  5. ¡Mmmmmmmm!, ¡Que pastelitos y chocolate más rico, mmmm!
    Desde luego que son una maravilla de regalos.
    Pero no te quejes de tus dedos, que esos dedos son protagonistas de unos preciosos y maravillosos animalitos, llenos de ternura y simpatia.
    Felicidades por tu lindo regalo y Enhorabuena por ese don que tienes para hacer esos animalitos
    Besitos, May

    Mmmmmmmm!, Pastries and chocolate that richer, mmmm!
    Of course they are wonderful gifts.
    But do not complain of your fingers, those fingers are the protagonists of a beautiful, wonderful animals, full of tenderness and sympathy.
    Congratulations for your nice gift and congratulations for that gift you have to make these animals
    Kisses, May

  6. Ewa, looks like you've been lucky as well. Aren't blog give aways great? :D

    May, I don't think I've ever received a nicer compliment about my fingers. Maybe it's just the translation, lol. Thank you very very much!!

  7. O but you do have such nice clean nails. Not like mine and Asuka can attest to that :).

    I just love her frothy cocoa !!!!!!! Too darn cute! Cindy showed Dale and me how to tat and let me tell you, I think rocket science is easier.

    I really think you should make a nice little scene with you wonderful creatures and these food. That will be quite a sight for sore eyes! Congratz , Kristy!

  8. congratulations, there are wonderful gifts!enjoy... hugs

  9. Pero que maravilla de regalo!!!!!
    Se ven tan bien hechos todos los detalles, me seria imposible coger esas preciosas miniaturas con mis dedos jejejejeje
    besitos ascension

  10. What a wonderful gifts! They are just amazing! But so is your work, I received the package today and I LOVE MY CRITTERS :D I'll post a pic later on in my blog :)

  11. what great minis! They are soooo tiny! My hands look like yours- it is the hands of someone that works hard and I personally think they are beautiful hands too ♥

  12. such wonderfull prizes! congratulations!!

  13. Aren't they the coolest?!! I'm very VERY happy! Stephanie does great work!
    LOL, Sans, my fingernails are usually dirty too!
    Ascension, it WAS hard for me to get those tiny pastries back in their little box. I have no fingernails, as you can see, which didn't help.
    Ira, YIPPEE!!! I'm glad they made it to you safe and sound! By the way, how's that hangover of yours doing? ;)
    Kim, so true. In fact, just before taking the pictures I had been working with clay and still have little smudges of it on my fingers I noticed, LOL. I think next time I have to take such a huge close up, I'll at least wash my hands and put lotion on them first.
    Thanks everyone for your congratulations and nice comments!

  14. Awww lucky! What cute little gifts! I don't know how anyone can make such tiny food!

  15. Kristy!!!!! LOL.......I am so happy that you had a box of happiness arrive for you! Looks like a mini jackpot!!! I love it all! Congrats!

  16. So glad that you really like them! And so fast, I didn't expect them to reach to you that fast either. :)

    Don't worry about your fingernail. I usually take special care of mine when I want to do photoshot. In other words, usually they are such in a mess too! Xd

  17. Oops! Forgot to tell you... the mini doily is actually one of my finding of laces in some old market. I didn't tat them. ;)