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Friday, April 16, 2010

Please don't hate me, but.......

I'm new to blogland, and I really don't understand the whole blog award thing. It's a nice thought, but isn't it basically just a type of chain mail? Is it rude for me to ask not to receive them?


  1. I don't think it is rude of you to ask not to receive them at all. I love to get them because it's nice to know friends are thinking of me- but I admit that I think they take a lot of time to pass along and time always seems to be something I am short on. There are other people in blogland that don't want them, so I'm always nervous about who to pass them to. That is why usually when I pass them along I don't go around notifying people- I figure if they read my blog and want to accept the award they can- if they don't want to, they don't have to, but at least they know I love their blog :) I'll remember you don't want any Kristy-and I'll tell ya right now so that you know...I LOVE your blog! ♥

  2. They can be time consuming (if you pass them on and let people know on their website) They are a 'type of chain mail, but you don't have to follow the rules! ;o) lol Some peeps just post the photo of the award on their blog and state who gave it to them and leave it at that. I now too refrain from letting people know on their own website if I've passed it's an individual's choice if they participate in anyway and shouldn't be taken seriously. ;o)) I absolutely sure no-one will mind you not wanting them! :o)

    Michelle :o)

  3. It is always ok to say "No thank you"!!
    The good thing of an award(for me) is the chance to see nice blogs which I never visit before. And the appreciation for the blogowners work.
    Best wishes

  4. I don't think it's rude Kristy.

    People have been kind enough to offer awards to me. I have thanked them on their blogs and by email when I could. I just don't add the award images to my blog or send them to others.

    I have nothing against it. I just thought it seemed a bit time consuming.

  5. :). Now you should put this button on the right bar so people will know.Did you design this? It's very you !

    Nobody will mind if you don't do awards. I love them for the reasons given by the others + I love the pics :). Use to spend loads of time doing intro posts for the people I pass the awards to.But I think more and more bloggers will rather pass on these awards .

  6. Oh, I meant to say... Who could possibly hate you! No chance of that ever happening. ;-)

  7. Thank you everyone!! I really appreciate your comments. It really does feel nice to have somebody think of you when passing along these awards, but I just don't have time to do a decent job of passing it along to others. Kind of makes me feel like a lazy, uncaring slob though, LOL.
    Susan, yes I designed that when I was first setting up my website - my husband told me I couldn't copy any images from the internet, so I just drew something and scanned it, lol. I put it over to the right bar now - thanks for your help!
    Catherine.......AWWWWWW, thank you!!! Now you've gone and made me blush big time - so we're even.

  8. I would also like to add that you should certainly NOT feel bad in any way for choosing not to participate in the awards system, and it doesn't matter about the reason. But yes please do post that little picture on your sidebar, when I am thinking of passing on an award I always visit the blog to look for a 'thank you, but no thank you' graphic like that.

    And we CERTAINLY won't think you are a lazy, uncaring slob!!!

  9. I've been wrestling with the same question. I don't want to offend those who've given me the awards. But don't have the time to devote to them either. I love your button! It's a great idea and very cute too!

  10. I have felt the same way! While it's very nice to be thought of and acknowledged, awards seem like homework to me. I'm not lazy, a cad or uncaring, but time is precious!

    It's all I can do to get a blog post in once a week or so. I'd rather spend what I call my free time reading blogs, without feeling the pressure of not having done my homework. :(

  11. No, we won't think less of you! I like them because I am a needy person who has to have the adulation of others (LOL!) but I don't list them all on my front page like some. I do appreciate them but respect those who do not wish to receive them. but as I also have just about everyone out there who has a mini blog on my list, please do not be offended if at some time I pass one on to you! Just ignore me!


  12. Firstly , I want to thank you so much for visiting me and leaving me such a nice comment. I truly appreciate!*grin*
    Now about this question...I have to laugh that you mentioned and seen the answers I am starting to wonder that I am not the only one.

    I feel terrible when I get an award because most of them requires time and requires one to answer/pass properly. I honestly don't have the time and I believe I am not alone on this but I think many others really appreciate and enjoy the passing on. I do think is a lovely thing but like you , it is not for me. I don't do facebook either.... My blogs are just enough to handle and some of them are not often updated!
    I thought the same as you and appreciate your * courage*, grin, to bring up! Thanks!

  13. I think some peeps do have the time to do this and it's not a bad thing, but we are all in different places and all can't participate equally.

  14. Hey thanks guys! I feel better about this now. I'm glad to know there are others that feel the same way as I do, and I'm also glad to hear that if I don't participate I won't be hurting anybody's feelings. (or maybe I will be, but they aren't the ones that left comments, lol).
    LOL Jody - I like the adulation of others too!! In fact, I really did feel kind of honored when Kim and Ascension gave me awards. But I'm soooo slow when it comes to computers (I spent an hour creating the post for the first award :S ). Then the second award asked to list twice as many, and when I found out how many awards are actually floating around out there, I about had a heart attack.
    Patricia, thanks but I don't know if you'd call it "courage", LOL. More like confusion and curiosity.
    Dale-YESSSSSSS, It does feel a homework assignment, LOL.
    Anyway, thanks so much all of you for sharing your opinions and advice. I think I'll create an award special just for you guys, LOL. Don't worry, you'll only have to list 20 other blogs and 50 of your favorite movies. ;)

  15. Hi Kristy,

    First: I can not write English so well! I'll try. ;-)

    I wish I prefer not to receive the Award. Because I do not feel Award. But I do not want to offend or anger others. They are very nice for the Award to give away and remember me.

    I agree with you.
    I ask you first. Can I copy your text? I want on my blog. I think the text is clear enough and friendly!

    Greetings Lisette

  16. Hi Lisette, sure you can copy it if you'd like. The mouse and mushroom is the logo I made for my Mini Menagerie website though. I suppose it's okay as long as it doesn't spread around to a bunch of blogs, otherwise people may think I copied the "no awards" picture to put on my website, LOL. But I'm sure that won't happen, so you are welcome to copy it. :) I'm glad you like it.

  17. HI Kristy,

    Only the text without a mouse. The logo of your own. I would never do copy without asking. And thank you.

  18. Ooooh, well certainly Lisette - it's just a simple sentence, not like it's a poem or something. You didn't even need to ask! :)

  19. Hi,
    Thanks for be a follower of my awards blog. I have a main blog about minitaures that is more interesting (or at least I hope so)
    I leave you the link if you want to have a look

    I quite agree with you with the award issue.
    Throughout all the time that I have blogged I have received many awards. Initially I was continuing all it supposes an enormous effort choosing which blogs would be awarded.. So I believe that the best recognition that I do is to leave comments every time than I can in your blogs trying to be a good follower of a heap of blogs. Because a lot of people deserves them.
    But I am always grateful when you people award me, I never reject any and publish all in a blog especially create for them.
    But perhaps one of those day I will copy your button about no awards!
    By the way, your tiny animals are absolutely wonderful. Love the mice!!
    Un beso

  20. I forgot to say that...So you do not have to feel bad because I understand you perfectly. ;)

  21. Hi Eva,
    I saw both your blogs and meant to click on the other one to follow - oops! :S I've fixed it now. Yes, your miniatures blog is more interesting to me than your awards blog, LOL. There are so many awards out there - I can't believe you have a whole blog on all the awards you've received. That's a lot of work. I'm impressed. I would never be able to do that.
    Thanks for understanding Eva, and thanks so much for your compliment on my animals.

  22. Kristy, you can draw, too? How about drawing something new so we can all use it and no one will think you copied anything for your website? Maybe a pleading possum?

  23. LOL Carolyn! I no longer have a working scanner so I don't know how I'd be able to do it. That would be kind of fun though - making "no awards please" buttons for people, hahaha.

  24. Not rude at all. Think everybody gets to that point. Takes too much time to pass on to others.