Hello and welcome, anybody who may come across this little blog of mine! I've just started this blog, and plan on focusing on miniatures, animals, and miniature animals. However, I'm also hoping it can be a fun place to talk about just about anything. We'll see.........

Monday, April 12, 2010

An Award?? For me??? Yippee!

OH JOY!!!! I just received this award from Kim (Flowers & Art) - THANK YOU SO MUCH KIM!!!!!! It looks like I need to send it to five other deserving "artisan friends", so I think I've found my five and I don't think they've received this award yet. If so, well....I guess you just get another one, so there! :-P

Ok, I hereby award this prestigious Amigo Artesano award to:

Carolyn Mohler Kraft
My good friend and maker of gorgeous miniature indoor plants (ha ha ha YOU have to do this too!)
Kiva Atkinson
Someone I consider to be not only one of the absolute best miniature food artists, but also my good buddy (and I'm surprised that I didn't find this award on her blog yet -probably just missed it, lol).
Ernesto Baldini
(Punto Sur Miniaturas)
I met Ernesto through CDHM probably almost a year ago. He's funny, talented and one of the kindest and most generous people I've met. I think anybody who knows Ernesto can't help but love the guy. (Besides, he's from Argentina and his name is Ernesto - CHE!!! :D ).
Mariella Vitale
I also met Mariella through cdhm, and I just love her itsy bitsy teeny weeny crocheted animals. She's also got a great sense of humor and is always full of compliments and helpful advice.
I just met Catherine recently, but was awe struck at her miniature work, especially her metal smithing! I'm just really disappointed that she doesn't sell her things - she's keeping them for her own dollhouse - DARN! Not only that, she seems like a real sweetheart of a person.

So there you have it, my five choices for my Artisan Friend Award!! All well deserved, and I hope you check out their blogs if you haven't already! Thanks again KIM!!!


  1. Hi Kristy, I'm so happy I found you and your little animals. The possum is overcute, really huggable. Thank you for visiting , Rsanna

  2. Congratulations Kristy! I adore your animals/work.

    Thank you for you very,very kind comments about me here. (blush)

    I love that jumping monkey. lol

    BIG HUGE ((((HUG))))!

  3. Thank you rosanna!! I really enjoyed your blog too! There are sooooooooo many cool blogs out there, I'm afraid I'm going to end up wasting my days looking at everybody's and not getting any miniatures made, LOL.

  4. You're so welcome Catherine, and you deserve it for sure!!!!! Unfortunately I've now passed the buck to you and four others, and so now it's your turn, LOL. But it was kind of fun to do and I doubt there's any rush on these things.
    Big Huge Hug back at ya!!!! :D

  5. Hey, thanks Kristy!

    I'd like to thank all the mini people that made this possible....

    Now are you going to send it to me or do I have to come and pick it up?

  6. LOL, I have no idea Carolyn. I think you just copy and paste the damn thing.

  7. Well, I was hoping it would be presented at a ceremony, but ok.

  8. Thanks a lot Kristy!!!
    It's an honour for me to recieve this award, for the simple reason it comes form you!!! You know I do admire your work (my most precious miniature is the raccoon you made for me), and most of all, I do apreciatte your friendship! You also have a sense of humour able to make a rock go tumbling laughing, and that's great!!!
    I'll post the award and pass it along as soon as I can. Hugs and hugs!!

  9. Oh well, where are the papers to sign?
    And the red carpet?
    Thank you so much for the award ... do I have to post it in my blog? Hmmmm what about if I came here from time to time to see it?

  10. LMAO, Mariella!!!!! I had to do it, so you have to do it too!!!!!! Post it on your blog and list five others to award it to as well. Have fun!! If you don't do it, something bad will happen to you within five days, lol.

  11. It doesn't take five days for something bad to happen. Two was sufficient for me! LOL!

  12. Thank you for this award, fartface!!!!

  13. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your very welcome!