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Friday, April 9, 2010

One of the Mini Advantages of Making Minis

Most of us know the advantages and disadvantages of making miniatures, right? For me, one of them is meeting all the new people, and I swear miniature people are the nicest people I know. Another one is getting to swap your minis with their cool minis. I thought I'd show some of my miniatures I've received from some great people and talented artists! And I have to add that these minis are much much better in person, but I suck at taking photos.

First up, is this super adorable tiny crocheted bear named "Raspberry Jam" wearing his little removable hat. He also came with his own tiny crocheted raspberry. Mariella Vitale from Italy is the artist and you should see her teeny tiny little guys (Raspberry Jam looks like a giant compared to some of her other creations.) Check it out:

Next is my little "Book of Shadows". Sooo cool, because it's actually readable and is full of spells (not that I believe in that stuff, but you better be nice to me anyway, LOL). Pat Carlson is this amazing book artist - all of her little books are actually readable. And let me tell you something, making those tiny books is a huge PITA - I recently took a tutorial from Pat to try to make a little journal and I about had a fit. I don't like paper and glue so much :(
Take a look:

And Last but certainly not least, I got a killer deal on this one! The swap was for that little bear with the scarf in front there - and instead I not only received the adorable little bear but also all these fantastic miniatures you see here. I think the artist who made these is probably the most humble artist I've met. But he's amazing - he can make anything (I mean anything!!!) Food, furniture, animals, plants & flowers, entire room boxes and vignettes, he even blows his own glass miniatures!!!!! And I know I'm forgetting something. Anyway, from Argentina, Ernesto Baldini is the artist who created these little pieces, and I believe his wife helped (at least I know she made the little bear's scarf). Check out all their work here:


  1. Very cool, all. :)

    The miniaturist community is a very rich one and I don't mean monetarily.

    These are all such treasures.

    It's great that we can all connect across the globe on the internet. :)

  2. Well crap, I guess I need to figure out how to make those links linkable. I hate being a newbie :(

  3. I totally agree with you Dale!!!

  4. Kristy,

    What wonderful little pieces you have either bought or traded for!

    Isn't Ernesto wonderful! He makes great miniatures.

    I love the book. I am going to visit her site as soon as I get this posted to you.

    You are so right about the people that make miniatures. I have LOVED getting to know so many people since I started my blog.

    If it makes you feel any better... I tried to post a link and I couldn't do it so all anyone had to do was click on it. Grrrrrr

    Catherine XXXX

  5. Links are now linkable, hooray!!

  6. for your follower, you just have to find the link button. Before you post! I change the color so it's highlighted and peeps know it's clickable. People love links to click on.

    For you my dear. :) Good for you!

  7. Thanks Dale, I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring that out, lol.
    Catherine, it's easy. Like Dale said, you just need to click on the "insert link" button (next to the font or text color button I think)

  8. I must chime in, because it is SO true. The miniature world is full of the most fantastic people I've ever met!!! What great treasures you've got there, Kristy!! And now you've got my wheels spinning ;-). Hmmmm......

  9. I got your wheels spinning??? What you talkin bout?? Uh oh....should I be worried? LOL

  10. Hi Kristy, thanks for your kind comments on my Etsy stuff! I'm up for swaps anytime if there's anything you like that I can make for you . . .
    Can't find your e-mail on your blog - if you want you can e-mail me through my blog.

  11. Cool - thanks Glenda! I've got a lot of commissions to catch up on but I'll definitely keep that in mind when I'm free to make what I want again. I especially liked those little rugs of yours - I think they would be nice and soft for some of my critters to sit on :D FYI, I've added my e-mail to my profile now and it's also on my website.

  12. Eeehhhhhh Kristy, thank you so much for posting a pic of little Rasperry Jam, it was such a wonderful trade!! We should plan another one when you are free, I'm in need of a possum ... you Possum Queen!!!

  13. ROFL, Possum Queen!!! Mariella it was my pleasure, he's such cutie pie, I just love him! I have a ton of raccoons to make so I'll probably be ready to make a possum, or anything but a raccoon, once I'm caught up, LOL.

  14. Kristy, just as these are your swapped treasures, your critters are their swapped treasures!

    Kinda cool how it works out.

  15. Yep! It's super cool! Especially when you don't really have the money to be buying miniatures, LOL.

  16. Haa, I found the lady behidn Kiva's ciggin possum :D I love your little possums and I found the pic of them without their fur so cute - they looked so babyish that they should have had diapers on :D I rarely like dolls and animals in dollhouses, but those possums, especially with a cig - heart breakers :D

    Have a fab week :)


  17. Kristy girl, thanks a lot for those words about me (blush!!!). Same for Catherine.
    I just can asure you that my beloved raccoon "Che" is my very best miniature treasure.
    I do ageee about miniature people being the most colaborative and supporting ones, I have no doubts about that and I think so base dupon my own experience! If I can do diferent thngs, that's only because I constantly recieve tips, advice and support form such great miniaturist as you.
    Hugs and hugs!!!