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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Cookie Heist

Not a very exciting post, since it's so similar to the previous, but now he has his partner in crime with him (with a teddy bear under his arm). I love the names this customer has given them - Puck and Abernathy, LOL.


  1. That's one lucky customer, Kristy! Adorable critters, as always.

    Which one is Puck?

  2. That is just adorable. The raccoons are so cute. The Cookie Heist LOL that title is too funny. I love how the books are all piled up and he is looking around as if to make sure no one is going to catch him.

    We have so many raccoons in my neighborhood. If you drive through here at night you can see them all over peoples roof tops. I have six sky lights in my kitchen. For about a week I had a baby raccoon that came and looked through the windows. Kilmouski saw him and jumped on top of the kitchen cabinets for a face to face look. They both acted like they would love nothing better than to remove that annoying piece of glass and play together. They both kept trying to rub against each other through the glass.

  3. Thank you Carolyn. Not as cute as the possum though, eh? LOL
    She said Puck is the naughty one (lol), so Abernathy would be the little one with the teddy bear.

    Thank you Catherine! That is sooooooo cute that your cat and the baby raccoon were trying to rub against each other through the glass!!

  4. Dios mio!!!!, tiene un socio
    Pero que maravilla, parece que te estan mirando, que cara de pillos.
    besitos ascension

  5. It's such a fun scenario, I wonder if little teddy will develop a life of crime having been exposed to wicked ways so early in life ;) Racoons always seem to look so naturally naughty, must be those masks they insist on wearing 24/7...

  6. Totally cool Kristy!!! No need to say how much I love your raccoons. By the way, "Che" is asking for new partners to play with (he thinks it's enough of rabbits by now).
    About your questions regarding the table we presented at the exposition, we made almost everithing you can see (china sets too). Spectacles too (they're quite easy indeed, I can make severalk ones for you if you want to). Most of the furniture too, but there are some bought pieces (such as the iron ones, some tables, a desk, a chair and a sofa -these three last pieces are placed in the antique's shop).
    Hugs and keep on making magic with your hands!!

  7. Thank you so much Kim, Norma, Ascension, and Ernesto!!
    LOL Norma!! I'm sure you're right about Teddy!!

  8. Ernesto, Che seems to be quite the spoiled little raccoon, always wanting more. First he complains about your flowers, and now he's tired of your rabbits, LOL. Well no problem for you, as I know you can make many kinds of animal friends for him!!
    Your table at the show was fabulous!!! And I'm just amazed at the variety of things you can make Ernesto-you're the one with the magic hands!!
    Hugs back to you mi amigo!!

  9. this is too cute! thats like my husband looking to see if I'm looking when he opens the pantry for more oreos! love your site :)

  10. What for "nice" fellas. I love them!

  11. Scuh "nice" fellas. I love them!