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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A teddy without a critter, LOL

I've always struggled with trying to make the fur on my critters' teddy bears look more "teddy bear-ish", LOL.  So I've spent the last several days working on this little guy, and I hope it's a bit of an improvement though I know I still have a long way to go.  Same with the litte hat - definitely need to experiment more with this, LOL!
I was going to make a little critter to go with him, but after the time spent on him, I think he's on his own.  :-S


  1. Bwaahaaa! The poor guy is really on his own in the wide world and he knows it,apparently..Hopefully he will find a "mom"or "dad" real soon....:-)

  2. His fur looks very bearish to me! You did a wonderful job!!!
    Isn't it funny how you think something are going to go rather quickly and day later you are still not finished.
    He was worth all the time you spent!

  3. This is unacceptable... that little chap needs a buddy, no doubt - or at least a pot of hunny. I asked Flutterby, he told me both would work well, but without anything - an absolute No-Go... ;O)

    Cute little bear - but could there be a critter made by you that's not cute?


  4. LOL, yes he's looking a little saddened by this realization. Thanks for the guilt trip Birgit!!! LOL
    I guess I'm just hoping he'll go to a new home with other miniature buddies to cheer him up.
    Catherine, I KNOW!!!! I really didn't expect him to take so damn long. How can something so little be such a huge PITA??!!

  5. Kristy ¡Es hermoso!!! Como todos los que haces ¡Simplemente bellos!!!
    Un abrazo

  6. I agree with Birgit. How could anything you make not be adorable?

    If he gets a buddy, "she" should be wearing something pink. Otherwise I think he should stand alone because he looks more needy that way.

  7. I love him I love him I love him!:D Fantastic work Kristy! I am admiring your patience, you must be sooooooo patient to make so many little wonderful critters:)

  8. He is adorable but with his cute lil hat..he at least needs a cute lil blankie to be all on his own..^_^

  9. Kristy, I love him. You did such a fantastic job on his fur! Love the hat!!

  10. Es sencillamente adorable!!!!
    besitos ascension

  11. I am in love!!! He is adorable!!!