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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For a Good Laugh....My Very First Sculpt Ever

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing the results of my very first attempt at sculpting.  It's been almost 3 years now (WOW, time flies!!) since I bought my first polymer clay ("Super Sculpey") and attempted to make something with it.  The only paints in the house were some enamel paints my husband had for model cars, planes, etc., so I used that.  My husband wouldn't let me throw this horribly ugly green blob of a turtle away, but I'm kind of glad I didn't because he's my little reminder that there is hope that I can improve with practice and experimentation.  And if anybody else ever feels frustrated with their creations, maybe looking at your first attempt will make you feel better too.  Or you could just look at mine, LOL.

Notice the bizarre shape of it's shell and head.

Here's the bottom, LMAO!  Look at how huge he is!

Why does he have one bulging eyeball???  Looks like a frickin' tumor or something.


  1. I think he's cute in a quirky way.

  2. Thank you for this post Kristy! I feel better with my attemps already;D But the turtle is cute!

  3. I think he looks "Clumsy-CuteBabe" and seems to be asking: "MOM..?"

  4. THANK YOU (and your husband) for giving me hope, that even I could be able to make a sculpture in the (far) future. I tried a teddy for Pat, but messed him up completely. Perhaps I'll show him on my blog (in 3 years - or 5 - or 10)
    Your turtle is quite a character - and such a nice one. As a proud Mom (LOL), you shouldn't concentrate on the belly or bulging eye. The inner values count! Andrea

  5. jejejejeje.....que dificil es ver los trabajos antiguos y encontrar mil defectos.
    Lo del ojo es una buena explicacion jejejeje
    No estaba tan mal!!!!
    besitos ascension

  6. Thanks for sharing this with us.. I have still hope :)

  7. oh Kristy, he looks alot like my very first sculpt..only mine was supposed to be a human baby! I will have four years in since finding polymer clay this Sept. My how time has flown..thank God I improved! lol I think hes cute!! xoxo Christel

  8. after reading that, some might think I was insinuating you have not we all know your tiny animals are perfect, and always improved greatly too, but the turtle is stil cute!xoxo Christel

  9. I am with Christel- he is cuuute( and I love his surprised bulging eyes, too), but you did improve big time, of course. Only three years? How DO you do it!!!

  10. He is cute, weird and cute, clumsily lovely and he is a good lecture for us; practice truly makes perfect. Rosanna

  11. Christy girl, much better than my first attempt in polumer clay (it turned out of the oven totally burned and bubbling! yikes!). But I have to say: your skills improved in a superb way, you do amazing stuff today!

  12. Your husband must be a very wise guy - it was a good decision to let you keep that little fellow... For a first attempt he is very well made, I mean, everybody would recognise him immediately being a turtle. And without him you would never have reached the level you have now... Three years, the others are right, that gives some hope... ;O)


  13. I think he's absolutely perfect just as he is!
    He made me laugh. Can't be a thing wrong with that! :D
    I can't do anything with clay! You, my dear are approaching expert status!

  14. HAHAHA, OMG! You guys are all WAY too nice!!! I'm going to have to post something else ASAP because having pictures of this thing that looks like a five year old made is kind of embarrassing, LOL.

  15. Kristy, of course you will find everything wrong with your first attempt, but the first thing I saw was that expression on his face that defines you. All your animals have it. I can't really even describe it, but it gives them personalities, sweet little personalities that make people want to give them a home. You have a gift, girl, and have had it from the beginning!

    It's good to be back on your blog. I've been away too long!