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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They say patience is a virtue, I say....whatever!!!

The suspense is killing me, who will win, what animal will I have to make, how much postage will I have to pay, LOL. So instead of waiting for tonight to have my husband draw the name, I thought maybe I could give my cats a try.

This is Otis, Otis is a girl. To make a long story short, I found her in the street at the age of 1 year and weighing a whopping 3 pounds (1.36 kilograms) - she was literally skin and bones. Her name tag said "Otis" with a phone number that was no longer in service.

Otis LIVES for food!! So I put one of her little kitty treats in the bowl with the names:

So......I tried with our other cat, Scout. But she just gave me a funny look.

Guess we'll all just have to wait until tonight afterall.


  1. Pick me, Kitties! Pick me! LOL! What cute little pickers. I had to have my 10 year old pick the name of my giveaway winner as Scout, my Golden Doodle just sniffed the bowl and blew some of the names out. Your precious animals are so cute--live ones and mini ones. Whomever wins will be a lucky duck . . .or should I say mouse? . . . raccoon? . . ..


  2. Hahaha, they may be cute, but they suck at picking. Hey Jody!! One of my cat's is named Scout, how funny!
    Anyway, In a few hours my husband will be home and I'll make him shuffle them all up and pick out a name!

  3. I've got a great idea, you could rub some sardine on my name piece and see if kitty finds it!

  4. FIVER!!! you are so funny, the suspense is killing me! haha xoxo Christel

  5. LOL Margaret! I thought about doing something similar, but didn't want them to accidentally ingest the piece of paper - then we'd never know who won!!'s true, lol. I want to know!!! It shouldn't be too much longer before Craig (my hubby) comes home. Yippee!!!
    OH crap, that reminds me.......I better start dinner!

  6. Otis & Scout are just too cute! That's a great idea for the drawing, too! Please spread my entry with tuna or something delicious. Just kidding ;0)!

  7. LOL! This post is hilarious :).

    Maybe it's because you didn't say "fetch"?

  8. Beautiful cat! Otis is the name of the company that repairs elevators in my city ;)

  9. ROFL Ewa, Otis is an elevator company here in the states as well!!!
    Sans, Otis doesn't know "fetch", however Scout does - but only when she's in the mood and she was definitely not in the mood, lol.

  10. I LOVE how you got the cat to pick a winner! Just wanted to tell you your car is Beautiful! I love the orange in her coat. ....We have a kitty named Otis, too, but he's an orange and white Male. We just love cats over here:)

    Love yor minis, too! I agree, everyone needs one of these guys!!


  11. your cats are so beautiful! I have a kitty I rescued from outside Caribou Coffee. Her name is Latte- she's our smallest cat but she rules the house! Loved getting to see your lovlies!

  12. These are lovely pics, Kristy! Both cats are beauties.
    One of my cats is an ex-stray , too ( she is kind of bulldozer now), one of the others was a kitten of a mom who had been turned out of her home when pregnant, but fortunately rescued; the third one was loved allright , but his human mom appeared to be really allergic to him, so I got him.
    But none will play this kind of play with me, either...