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Friday, November 19, 2010

Little picnic mouse is now furred - Now Rated G

Ok, the little fella is decent now with his nice new fur, and let me tell you something....I LOVE this bamboo viscose yarn! The alpaca I usually use is nice, but this is so silky and soft and not only that, it is so much easier to handle. It seems to lay nicer without all the fly-aways that I normally spend forever trimming away on the alpaca. It also seems to work nicer for the flocking. I'm just really bummed that I can't find any other colors of it besides bright pink, blue, green, etc.


  1. He is darling Kristy!! Love all of the accessories too! Where did you find bamboo yarn? I have never heard of it!

  2. Oh he lovely!!! Even on the pic I can see how soft his fur must be... oohh I like to take him and hold him in my hand!!! But I think he wouldn't like it because he is in a very important discussion with the ladybug about the cheese in his his little paw...too cute:-)))

  3. Thank you Patty and Nicole! :)

    Patty, believe it or not I found it by accident at Michaels. It's a blend of this bamboo viscose and wool. After working with it today, I've been trying to find something similar online. My problem is that I really know nothing about yarn (never knitted anything in my life, lol). So I'm getting confused as to the differences between bamboo yarn, bamboo viscose, and just plain viscose.

    Nicole, LOL - oh yes, a very important discussion indeed. The mouse says "you want?" and the bug says "ya..yum!"

  4. All your little ones are so adorable!


  5. I will look at our stitching shop and see it they have other colors.

    His fur looks GREAT! i love the whole thing. The lady bug is so cute! I have seen them stand up that way. LOL

  6. He's beautiful with his fur on! I love the lady bug!!!!

  7. He's a dapper little guy having a 'good fur day'! Happy with aaaaall that cheese!!

    'Viscose' is a process where cellulose fibres are made into yarns, and bamboo is a new type. If you look up viscose on Wikipedia it explains it. Bamboo yarn is so silky-soft it's made into baby clothes. Plenty of it on eBay, sometimes mixed with cotton, lots of colours :)

  8. Precioso de verdad, ademas muy dificil por el tamaño te felicito doblemente besos

  9. La fourrure rend très bien , il est tout beau.

  10. Glad to see your new material worked - and how it worked! The fur is amazing - and so is the whole little scene. Beautiful as always. Hope you get many lovely colours of that bamboo yarn (A very selfish wish, I want to see many new lovely critters soon - lol).


  11. Awww, what a cutie. He looks pettable <--- not a word hee hee.

    Victoria :)

  12. Soooooooooo ADORABLE!!!!!!!! Love the entire set. You're sending a wave of smiles around the world with your special gift of creativity.
    Such a wonderful thing.
    XXX Morena

  13. BEAUTIFUL! I love it!
    Have a wonderful sunday Andrea

  14. He's fantastic! I love the way his fur turned out. maybe you could try dyeing the white bamboo. But you'd need to get just the bamboo because wool and bamboo use different mordants. Bamboo needs an alklai and wool an acid. I think the bamboo would dye with regular Rit dye.

  15. Oh, I looooooove it, what a wonderful scene!!

  16. Thank you so much everybody!

    Victoria, pettable isn't a word? It should be, LOL.

    Yeay Morena!! I sure hope you're right, that's what makes this all worth it. :)

    Robin, thanks! I'm sure you know a lot about different fibers and dying, etc. from your needle felting animals. I've never dyed yarn so if it comes to that, I'll probably be pestering you with questions.

    Thanks Glenda for the info. and Catherine for checking out your stitching shop. I just spent over an hour on ebay, LOL. The thing is though, it's so hard to know for sure what the yarn will really look and feel like combed out without seeing it in person. And I don't know if bamboo fiber or yarn is the same as bamboo viscose yarn - it's confusing. Also, I'm not sure if blends other than wool, such as cotton, silk, merino wool, etc. will be completely different. Sooooo....I'm going to try to stop by a local specialty yarn shop today and do some up close and personal inspections.

    Thanks again for all the sweet comments! Big hugs!! :o)

  17. Kristy, we had a mini meet yesterday , Cindy, Asuka and me and we were just talking about you and flocking material :):). Thank you for this post. I have learned so much!

    Your little one is as cute as ever :)

  18. Oh, that's wonderful Sans! If any of you have any questions at all, you know I'd be more than happy to help if I can. Will you or the others be making a mini animal? That would be awesome!!! :)