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Monday, November 15, 2010

3/4 Inch Squirrel with Acorn

AAAAAARRRRGGG!!! He is sooooo hard to photograph!! I'm not sure why, but I give UP!! :(
It's been one of those days where nothing seems to go right, LOL.


  1. OMG is he the cutest dang thing ever!!! I don't know how you do it..really amazing details Kristy. YOU ROCK!!big hugs xxoxox Christel

  2. I think the photos come up very very well, Kristy! Seriously. Can I tell you your squirrel look just like ours in the garden, except cuter! And did you make that acorn too? Shikes! And I thought my betel nuts are small. Yours is freaking amazing!

    I like that in our world, we have "small" envy and not compete on who's Bigger! heh heh!:)

  3. He is absolute amazing, Kirsty!
    Such a sweet little one.
    The photos are very good too.

  4. Omg, he' s adorable!! Your pictures came out just fine.

    - Grace

  5. Good grief, woman - of course he's hard to photograph, he's so exquisitely tiny that he's hardly visible!! You're going to need one of those cameras with huuuuuge lenses soon.
    He's gorgeous, and lovably fluffy :))))

  6. Unbelievable...every time I think this is just the cutest creation I've ever seen and then you make another one...even more cute :-)

  7. Ditto what everybody else said. What a pleasent treat for the eyes this morning. Had one of those "awwwe" moments. And your photos are a darn sight better than mine so I think they're quite good.

  8. The photos are good enough to show how exquisite this little fellow is - adorable as always. A real cutie!


  9. Ahhhhhhhh! Cuteness overload once again! Your pics look professional compared to my pathetic attempt to get one of Pip in PJ's! LOL And I know you hate doing birds....but WOW on the owl too! You gotta keep doing them! :)

  10. This is my most favorite creation to date- he is so adorable and I love his little acorn ♥

  11. Oh gosh, thanks everybody.
    Sans, I have to go see your nuts, LOL! I bet they're super good. This acorn isn't even quite 1:12 scale I bet, it should probably be even smaller. I wanted the squirrel to have an extra large treat.
    LMAO Andrea - I KNOW!!! My husband asked me if that's what real squirrels' feet look like. Uh...hello!!!! NO they do NOT. And real squirrels don't sit like that either! He's such a dork sometimes, hehehehe.
    Deanna, what are you talking about?? You take great pictures, even the one of the mini raccoon was good I thought!
    It's always a huge pain to get a good photo of the smaller guys but for some reason this squirrel was just maddening!! I'm not sure, but I wonder if because there are several different shades of greys and browns going on that my camera can't deal with getting the colors right. UGH!!

  12. es fantastico tu trabajo.......fantastico es poco, es increible, felicidades y besos.

  13. He's really cute and his pics are good, too! I know what you mean about photographing these guys. I found that if I use a blue background, my camera tries to compensate and warm the gray and if I use a warmer yellow background it goes the other way.
    Sometimes if I use a photographic background, like a pic of tree branches and fall leaves, the color looks more natural.

  14. Thanks Robin. Your gray squirrel you did recently was awesome! I swear I thought it was real when I saw the image in my dashboard, LOL.
    YES, the background color has a huge effect so I have several different colors, and I try to see which works best. Sheesh, you think just plain old white would be best but then the critter comes out looking really dark. And if I use a flash on the furred animals they look absolutely horrific (the flash works okay with non-furred animals though).
    There will be a photographing class in the CDHM forum sometime in February by Stephanie Brown, another animal artist (her birds are extraordinary!). Anyway, I definitely plan on joining.

  15. Muchas gracias Suzi, y bienvenidos a mi blog. :O)

  16. Very good photos Kristy!! And he is just amazing!!!!:)

  17. Thanks Ewa! Welcome back! :)
    But come on now, these photos are NOT good!! LOL
    It's okay to say so guys, I am already well aware of this fact.