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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scary Story Contest UPDATE!

Deadline: October 18th
I've decided to add a second prize, and anybody who even attempts a scary story will be included in the drawing. The prize will be either the mouse or the teddy, whichever one isn't chosen by the winner. After all, every one of my followers are deserving of a chance no matter what their story. Thanks again to everyone who has participated in this little contest - and those that haven't, there's still time so let's see what you've got. :) Click here to post your story in the comments.


  1. if you were lucky enough to win, I'd like the mouse ..
    I look forward to the end!
    kisses and dreams ... awesome! AAAAAAARGHHH!
    ah ah ah!

  2. Caterina, I personally like the teddy bear better, LOL.

  3. I like Teddy better too :):). If I win , I'll put him next to me whenever I work with my saw or chisel and soon, he'll be dripping with even more bloooood....MINEEEEEE, MWAHAHHAHAHA

    I understand that he's already got some of your blood , Kristy. When our blood mix, our powers will cross and we will be INVINCIBLE!! *throws head back with evil laugh

  4. LMAO.......NOOOOO, maybe I should clear things up. The bear and knife have absolutely NO real blood on them. That would be really gross and I wouldn't be selling or giving it away if that was the case. Sheesh!!!
    But I like the idea of being invincible Sans, hahaha.

  5. I like the mouse best also. But your little animals are so great I would be honored to get either one.

  6. scary comment will count now after all...ha ha ha :-)

  7. LOL Yes, your pathetic story consisting of one word "boo" will qualify. But only for a chance at second place because as scary as it was, I don't think it will be in the top ten.

  8. Hello, que preciosidad de animales, no hablo ingles pero me encantaria participar en tu sorteo, felicidades por tus 200 seguidores, besos.

  9. Very lucky the winners, congratulations for 2oo followers!!

  10. My scary story is I am scared of Mice!! no way I could enter this I just found your fun blog and wanted to say Congrats to the winners..

    you little fellows are so darned cute..