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Monday, October 4, 2010

200 Follower Giveaway Contest! Scare Me if You Dare!

I have a feeling this may be a total flop (too much work for something too little), but I think I'll try it anyway. I want to do something a little different than just a random drawing of names, and I want it to be fun for everyone, so here goes.

Halloween is coming as most of you know, and I don't know about you but I'm really starting to get into the mood. I also love to be scared - I mean give me goosebumps and nightmares scared! So let's see who can freak me out, creep me out and scare the crap out of me. I want stories folks! But very, very short stories (please don't write a novel, lol). These can be true stories, or stories you've made up, or even stories you've heard before. But they have to be SUPER SCARY!!! Depending on how many people actually go to the trouble of participating in the contest, I will pick the top 5 or 10. The best 5 or 10 stories will go in a bowl for a, yes..boring drawing okay?
The 18th of October
Please participate if you'd like to, and I will translate your stories. I know Google translate is not very good, but I'm sure I could understand it well enough. I don't want to leave anybody out. WRITE THE STORY IN SPANISH OR GERMAN OR ITALIAN OR WHATEVER YOUR LANGUAGE AND I WILL BE ABLE TO TRANSLATE IT AND READ IT.
A half inch furred mouse with a strawberry. (I really meant it when I said the prize may be too small, lol). Pretty bad photos of it too - sorry!!!!


  1. Ok I will bite here. True story. My aunt and uncle own a house in rural Pennsylvania. It was built in 1774. It is a very creepy old farmhouse on a large plot of land. One night shortly after they moved in the lights went out. My uncle went up to the attic where the fuse box was. He told us someone spoke to him. Told him he was a soldier during the Civil War and that he hid there in the attic of the house. The next day my uncle went up to the attic again to have a good look around and found the man's initials carved in a beam on the ceiling. When my uncle told this story I could see he was afraid. I do not think he was making up a story just to scare the kids.

  2. OK This SCARED the holy hell out of me...
    My fat pants are too tight today! That is very, very scarey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Holy Sh*t! Okay that's pretty creepy Joanne! What a great story to kick this sucker off, LOL. Can anybody top that?

  4. OOOOOOH, LMAO! Catherine!!!! I didn't get that at first! OK, let me reiterate - you are trying to scare ME, not you, okay?

  5. I am here to be scared as well but will be back with hopefully a scary story myself. It's office hours now :):) and I am scared my boss will be looking over to see why I am typing in a small white box. :)

  6. ok, true story..witnessed by myself, and three other siblings of mine. When I was eight, my youngest sister was just two. She was still drinking a bottle at that time..She was lying on the couch in our living room, drinking her bottle, me, my older sister 10, younger brother 5 and oldest brother 12 were all lying on the living room floor watching Saturday morning cartoons..this was the late 1960' baby sister started making choking sounds, we all turned to look and see what was wrong, and a white smokey looking figure was suspended over her face., and she was gasping for air, writhing about .we all saw it clearly, my oldest brother got up, and ran towards her, and the "smoke" went across the room at eye level, and into the corner where it just stopped,and hovered for about ten seconds, then it turned into a black thick cloud like thing, then abruptly dissipated!!!! We were all scared to death, screaming for our mom, and seeing about the baby. She was crying, and kept saying "loy" loy, loy as she was crying..we didn't know what she was saying, and just thought it was a baby word that was misunderstood since she was so scared, and small. Our mom did not tell us the significance of that name for several years..but we were recalling this story once, and she said, "I didn't want to tell you kids, because it would have made you all terrified to live in that old house, but the man who built that house , and died alone and was rumored to be senile, was her great uncle..Lorenzo Alphonso LOY!!Mom said my dad once saw the "smoke" as he was moving an old wood stove out of that room, and about peed his pants!..but he never told us.! believe it or not!

  7. Don´tknow if it is scary, but it is discusting.I once fed my cousin a dead fly! Yes, it is a true story. We were playing a game:close your eyes and try to guess what you are eating.I run out of ideas and saw a dead fly in the jam so I fed it to her! She never guessed what it was. No harm done, she is still alive!

  8. BWWWAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAA minimama!!!! You were a little brat when you were a kid just like me (except I still am).
    Christel...hmmmm, I dunno if I believe that or not, but either way it's a very creepy story.

  9. it's true, I saw it with my own eyes! and..our attic was ALWAYS cold, even in the summer when it was 100*, in a house that had no air conditioning! That old farm house was freakie, and I'm glad they tore it down.

  10. Don't know scary stories (specially in English ;D) so will read them with pleasure!:)

  11. I can offer a true story. I went to stay with my parents once, after they had moved into a house they had just bought. The house was 12 years old. My bedroom was near the toilet, and every night I heard my father come from their room, go to the toilet (with associated sounds!) then return to their bedroom, all without turning on any lights. I mentioned to him about it, and my mother said, that no he didn't go in the night at all. She had heard this, too, and always opened her eyes to see who or what was doing this - when the ghost got back to the bedroom, nothing happened - she never saw anything. This happened regularly for a couple of years, until suddenly it stopped - they found out later that that was the day the builder/original owner of the house died! It was the spirit of a living person.

  12. Ok you guys, come on!!! Seriously these are true stories? Ok, it's working. I'm freaking out a bit here, lol.

    And Glenda, I've never heard of a spirit of a living person - I wonder if the builder/owner dreamed about the place at night (like an outer body experience or something). These are great!!!

    EWA!!!! Come on girl!!! Make something up or swipe a story off the internet somewhere!

  13. Good luck everyone, that mouse is so adorable! No creepy ghost stories from me though.

  14. What a great idea, Kristy! It makes me think of other things.
    Ok, here is my true spooky story:
    We live in an old small house that was built before the last war. Connected to the house is a small barn, where my work space is in. Whenever I have the few steps from the house to go to my work space, I get so ... hm ... "creeps in the back", you know what I mean? But into my room I feel reassured and well looked ! Because the grandmother of my husband lieved here and she was a real angel.

    In any case, I asked two people who are familiar with spirits and ghosts.

    The first told me that in a small adjacent room of the barn sits a child and wants my help.
    The second person let me know that there is an truly evil spirit and that this ghost is not well-disposed with us .... ahhhhhhh

    I then investigated and became the information that in the barn died someone who was really vicious.

    I am very very happy that our Grandma holds a protective hand over me from heaven here into my workspace (-;
    Scary hugs,

  15. wow a bit of a challenge, the mouse is adorable so i may have to go and have a think. hope to think of something scary lol
    Sara x:o), have you seen your pics in Dolls house world yet? no thats not the scary story!

  16. Christel, holy shit!!!!!! That is WAAAAAAY SCARY!!!!! Kristy knows that I have a shitload of stories, but I will tell everyone about my grandma. She was....hmmm, how do I put it? Psychic? In touch with another reality? Take your pick. Anyway, when she was younger, she was walking home, and a cold mist surrounded her and followed her down the street. At first, she stopped. But she wasn't frightened. Somehow, she "knew" that a particular relative in Japan (my grandma was in Hawaii) had died. When she got home, her mother told her that someone had died. My grandma said, simply, that she knew, and named the person.

    Again with my grandma. When my grandfather (her husband, duh) died, every night after that, she would hear him come down the steps into their sunken bedroom, and feel him pull back the sheets and get into bed beside her.

    At one time, we all lived in a big house in Los Angeles, so same house for this story. I locked the door to my bedroom because I wanted to take a nap without interruption. I fell asleep for a couple hours, then woke up but just kept my eyes closed. I actually FELT someone at the foot of my bed "crawling" up towards my head. You know how someone gets down on all fours and crawls, and the bed kind of sinks down with each movement?? That is what happened. My immediate reaction, because I knew that I was alone and there is no way anyone could have entered my bedroom, was FREEZE. I felt something, I don't know what, get up to my left ear....and I could feel its breath. My hair actually moved, they were that close!!! And what I heard was an older woman's voice. And THIS is the weird part: she said, "Hello frou frou. Hello funny face", like she was speaking to a pet!!?? Anyway, I found out later that an older woman had died in my bedroom!!! Needless to say, I didn't sleep in my bedroom for at least 2-3 weeks, and when I finally did, I kept the bedspread over my entire head, except for a tiny space to breathe :-/. Also, I NEVER closed my door again!!!!

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  18. This is sooo much fun! It's like sitting around the campfire telling spooky stories! I have one to post but it will have to wait. I need to get ready for work. Can't wait to read some more. Sans, I hope my boss doesn't catch me reading scary stories today!!!

  19. What a scary stories ... brrrr. About mice, I can tell many stories with my cats but not now.

    I was working in the night shift. Alone in a very big old house in the forest with 24 young people to care. Before my colleague is leaving I check if all doors and windows locked good. Nobody of the patients could get out of bed independently and none of them was awake.
    Every hour there was a tour of the beds on the first floor. In one of those rounds I heard someone above me up the stairs. The footsteps went to the attic and heard the door slam. Paralyzed with fear, I entered the first bedroom in the best and kept me quiet. Hardly dared to breathe.
    While I was there so still stand, I hear the elevator coming up. Peeking through the door I saw that no one came out of the elevator (thankfully) ... Impossible to ask someone for help, I waited one hour what would happen.
    Then I sit downstairs quietly await the changing of the guard. We did an inspection of the attic, there was nobody around.????

    Greets, Roelie

  20. I am enjoying this post very much Fiver. Thanks! I will be back reading stories, what a scary world we live in. Love Halloween.

  21. WOW, these stories are all so creepy, better than I had expected. And I wasn't expecting them to be all true stories either - YIKES!!!

  22. the mouse is so cute that it's worth I also groped to tell a story, or rather, two!
    But they are not ghost stories, that is the same??
    Well, one night long ago, I dreamed that I lived in an apartment at a very high level. I was on the balcony and I washed a pan (???????) and my son Riccardo (5 years old at the time) went up to the ledge and called me "Mom, look at me!!! Mom ????????"
    I walked away my eyes from the pot and I saw my son fall off the balcony on the top floor ....
    I saw him fall on deaf ears, endlessly down into the abyss!
    at that moment is as if something had bitten my neck take my breath away, too scared to scream, I was suffocating ... I woke with a start from the nightmare that still shivering in bed!
    The dream was so real that I just got up from my bed I ran into Riccardo's room to check that he was there. and he slept like an angel in his little bed ...
    I was scared for nothing??
    A few days later, I hear my mother on the phone: she tells me that a friend had died, you know his name? named Richard ... and you know how he died? fell from the top floor, while adjusted, the antenna of the TV ....

    the second story: I dreamed that I went to the cemetery to visit the family graves, along with my mother and my grandmother .... (My grandmother died about 20 years ago)
    at some point my grandmother disappears, she is lost and we try her for a long time, but do not find it soon ..
    when we finally found her, we were scared, because she had the appearance of a little girl !!!...
    We asked her: "Grandma, where you were? have made us feel anxious, we had lost you ...?" and she replies, "I went to visit Aunt Anna" ....
    a strange dream, I think, Aunt Anna is fine, she has no grave in the cemetery!
    but after a few days, my Aunt Anna is really dead ...

    is not a strange coincidence of names and events, in both dreams that I have done?
    Now, I think I do premonitory dreams of being a kind of psychic, I know, some days before, the bad news ..
    even when I was a child going on, and I was scared to death, because I knew that if I had dreamed that I fell down the teeth, for example, someone was dying in some part of my family ..
    Now, I'm still scared .... every time I make a strange dream I wake up sweating and terrified, especially during the day, I hear the phone ring ... Who's dead now ???????????
    after that I do strange dreams, I live those days with great apprehension and panic every time the phone rings ...

    who I'll dream tonight? for those who will ring the phone tomorrow?
    is creepy! I live in the nightmare, I'm afraid every night before falling asleep ...

    maybe I should not eat peppers in the evening for dinner? ah ah!


  23. Caterina, it does not have to be a ghost story - ANY story that is scary is good. Your story gave me the shivers-very creepy! And your last line about peppers made me laugh, lol.

  24. Mine is true also.
    A long time ago a friend of mine lived in a very old house that was devided into apartments. Anyway she had a quegee (sp?) board and we decided to mess around with it. We had just gotten started and of course things started to be spelled out. It told us all about the house that she lived in. A child lived there at one time and we found out that he was sick and died, but didn't want to leave as he was looking for his family. We convinced him that they had gone a head of them and he should go also that he would catch up with them. Also that 2 bachelor brothers had lived there at one time and they farmed and there use to be a barn in the back. Plus we learned other stuff about the house, etc. Anyway, my friend had not told anyone at work about any of this. One day a co-worker came up to her and said that she was waiting for the bus a few blocks from my friend house and a guy wirth a black hat and a very old style long coat came up to her and started talking about the house that my friend lived in. He told her about all the things that we had learned from the board...Everything! Then he was gone. This really creeped us out and we never touched the board again! Now I know why mom always warned us about this "game" when we were kids. Teresa

  25. Great stories! Truly scary! You will have a difficult choice Kristy!:)
    Mine now - a true one too:)One of my Aunts is a nun and lives in the very very old building that already was a monastery of the German's nuns and they later gave the building away to the Polish nuns.Imagine the old gothic building, tall hall and corridors and...a graveyard under the church. Except for the church and monastery, there is a high school and a boarding house for girls only there. And I was one of the pupils there;) Anyway, we loved the evenings full of scary stories which quite often were told by ...nuns;) But we have never got really scared there - well, not because of ghosts at that time;) One day a few years after my final exams there, my Mum, my Brother and I went there for holidays and naturally we slept in my Aunt's monastery. There is a chapel on the first floor above the church, kind of private for nuns, and wall to wall there are two very elegant guests rooms with big carpets, soft beds etc. We were all sleeping there. My Mum and I in one room - the nearest to the chapel and my Brother in the other one. First night I was woken by the sound of beads falling down to the wooden floor. Except there was no wooden floor there as every piece of the floor was covered with the carpets! I opened my eyes but I could see nothing and the sound...wasn't gone! I heard my Mum whispering: are you sleeping? No I answered. Can you hear it? Yes I can.... I switched the light on - the sound stopped. We went back to sleep and in the morning my Brother said he didn't hear anything but the Prioress asked us if we all slept well because everyone who sleeps there says they slept bad. Of course we didn't want to sleep there anymore and spent some nights in the bording house's rooms.
    And once I woke up at my own room this time ;) in the morning hearing a big packet of plastic bags falling down. I checked it and the packet was in it's place. Somehow I knew one of my friends I wasn't hearing from for a long time died..
    And I don't use much of pepper ;)

  26. I do not know the horror stories, but when me and my husband we were still young, we lived in an old house, which had mice. One morning my husband woke me up and said: "Honey I brought you some breakfast. The plate was two dead mouse, who had been captured. It was really disgusting and I woke up quickly. Your mouse is really cute, not disgusting. Your blog is very interests.

  27. Hello!
    Here comes a true story.
    My boyfriend would go with some friends out in Europe on a motorcycle, but then I got this nasty feeling that it would happen some nasty, so I did not want him to go. And he did not, luckily.
    Then we learned that one of the guys had the flash through it while sitting on the motorcycle, but luckily it went a bit awry, and came out through his arm and he was paralyzed for a while.
    They told me that he had looked like a sparkler.
    This scared me anyway.
    I like to participate your cute give-away and congratulation to all your followers
    Hug Britt

  28. Oh! Kristy.....I am thinking.....ok...I do not know if is scary or not...maybe for some of you. In anycase disgusting except by me....
    I have worked in two jobs with rooms full (really full) of different tpes of cockroaches.
    Both in R&D centers...Now I have a rearing insect area with shelves full of thousands of cockroaches in glass jars. When you enter into the rooms you hear the classical cockroach sound of a lot of cockroaches moving, hitting against the glass or against themselves... Never is in silence...It is a murmur...
    Of course I have to manipulated add food or water, remove dead bodies or to use is a very stressed moment because time to time "there are problems" and you have to pick them up with my hands to avoid escapement....Do you want more details???
    Is it enough scary?? LOL

  29. WOW, a lot of psychic premonitions!!

    Ewa, nice creepy story (and it doesn't look as though you cut and pasted it from the internet either, lol)

    Iris, if that were me I would have punched my husband out and then removed all of the mouse traps from the house, LOL.

    Eva, ROFL!!!! I'm a bit of an arachnophobe, but cockroaches are even worse than spiders! I wouldn't last one hour at that job.

    These are really great everyone! You all deserve more than that itty bitty mouse!!!!
    Can't wait to read more.

  30. Great stories. I'm glad I'm reading them in the daytime! I'm not very good at scary. My campfire stories usually put people to sleep. But here goes a couple of true ones.
    Near the town where I grew up was a place called Dog Town. As the legend goes, if you see the ghost of Dog Town, you'll never live to see it again. Living in an Illinois farm town was pretty boring for teenagers. You could either, go out at night and listen to classical music being played to the chickens at one ranch, drag main street or go to try to find the ghost of Dog Town. One day a group of 4 kids said they went out driving and saw it. The next weekend they decided to go out and find it again. So they all loaded into their little Mustang, along with the driver's younger brother. Just past, the railroad tracks the car overturned. Everyone was killed save for the the younger brother. He claimed to see a blue orb floating above the tracks right before the car flipped over. It was his first time seeing the ghost of Dog Town. A little over a year later he was killed in a car accident at that very spot.

    Here's my next. I don't know if it's scary or not. But it is true. I used to live in town in the Seirra foothills, called Magalia. One night as my husband was parking the car. I saw someone walking through our wooded front yard. I called out into the dark to ask who was there. Then I saw a man in a plaid shirt turn to me and tell me that he was walking home and that he was sorry for trespassing. He said he'd been walking since Sterling City which was quite few miles away and that he was going home to the town of Paradise about 7 miles from the direction he was pointed.
    That night I had the weirdest dream. The man in the plaid shirt, came to me and said that he'd tried to talk to several people. But no one would listen. He said he worked for the sherrif's department and was ready to retire in a few days. That night on his day off, he heard on his radio that one of the younger deputies was out on a call in Sterling City and he needed help. So he went out to see if he could lend a hand. The call was for someone attempting suicide. They had been there before and knew the man well. The man had a gun and shot the deputy. And when the man in the plaid shirt returned fire he was shot. All three were killed.
    The next morning, I read about the very same story in the local paper, Chico Enterprise Record.

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  32. What the HELL!!!!? Robin, these are totally FREAKY!!

    I've had some "weird" things happen to me, but not many and certainly nothing like what I'm hearing from everyone else!

  33. When I was young we lived on a dead end road and at the top of the hill was a grand house lived in by a very old man. We used to dare each other to go there to trick or treat, but no-one ever came to the door and we would run away. Several years later the old man died and my parents bought his house and we moved up the hill. There was one room in the attic that no-one ever wanted to go into, and some people said they felt as if it was haunted. Mostly we were not afraid and just didn't ever use that room. (It was a large house!)But one day in the summer when most of the family was away I was home with only two of my girl friends visiting for the day. One friend and I were in my bedroom on the second floor, and could see the bottom of the attic stairway from where we sat on my bed. We both saw a hand reach out from inside the stairway and pull the door shut. For a moment, we thought it was our other friend, but then she came up from downstairs; and the arm we had seen had been clothed in a long tight sleeve, covered to the wrist in summertime. There was only one way up to the attic, and the door had been open. We decided that we better go up and search, in case someone was up there who shouldn't be (in those days we never locked our doors...)We searched the whole attic thoroughly but never found anyone at all! This is true! We stayed downstairs until my Dad got home. He said that he sometimes heard footsteps above his room when he was the only one home while the family was away in the summer.... and he had gone looking but never found anyone!

  34. I think I would be sleeping on the first floor (or better yet a friend's house) after that - Holy Crud!

  35. what fun :D
    heres my true dad a carpenter passed away...years later my mam and I shopping in a big department store....I had a wooden shelf and had lost the wall bracket...these things are sold in a sealed pack with the shelf never seperately...we are in the shelf aisle....the exact single bracket i want falls off a shelf infront of my feet!!!! i say 'thanks dad' and my mam nearly faints :P true story!!! i swear :D x

  36. Linda, I believe you! Something similar happened to me, I think it very well could have been your dad. ;)
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  37. I'll tell you a dream I had when I was four years old, now I'm over fifty, and if you remember, means I was really scared.
    I was playing quietly in the courtyard of my house when I surfaced from behind a door three very large snakes that came towards me showing me their forked tongues.
    I woke up screaming and crying in fear, then my mom took me to calm me to sleep with her in his bed.
    The beauty of the story is that when I got back to sleep I started dreaming, but this time the snakes were in the refrigerator and cooked chopped
    Translated by google

  38. Well, i'm not able to write all the story in English.. I write in Spanish. (thanks for your comprehension).

    Un día normal Soledad una niña de tan solo 10 años de edad paseaba por la vereda con su padre , pasaron por una juguetería y Soledad vio un peluche con cierto aspecto siniestro, como a ella le encantaban las cosas paranormales se lo pidió al padre y el accedió a comprárselo.
    Ella se volvió inseparable del peluche, pero pasaron los años y lo fue dejando de lado con el tiempo.
    A la edad de 13 años Soledad ya había sustituido sus juguetes por cosas más a la moda como mp3, celular, su notebook y todo ese estilo de cosas. Un día el padre le comenta que ya no hay espacio para sus juguetes viejos en las cajas, y le pregunta qué es lo que quiere hacer con ellos, ella contesta desinteresada que ya no los quería.
    Ella se dirige a las cajas y empieza a sacar juguete por juguete y meterlos en bolsas y de repente llega hasta el peluche siniestro que había comprado hace 3 años atrás.
    Queda congelada mirándolo a los ojos fijamente y lo revolea hacia el tacho de basura de su cuarto.
    Llego la noche y su padre tenía que irse a trabajar y no volvía hasta el amanecer, y dejo a su hija sola en la casa ya que sabía que ella se iba a poder cuidar muy bien ya que desde de que su madre había muerto la chica se había hecho muy independiente.
    Cuando Soledad se sentó a cenar en la mesa solitariamente, escucho un CRAC evidentemente proveniente de su cuarto, no le dio importancia, y siguió cenando, cinco minutos después volvió a escuchar el mismo ruido pero con más fuerza, acto seguido a esto escucho pasos rápidos que se dirigían hacia ella.
    Soledad totalmente inmovilizada vio como se acercaba una pequeña sombra que se acercaba desde el pasillo hacia el comedor en donde estaba.
    No le dieron las piernas para empezar a correr, ya que esa sombra no tenía sentido ya que ella no tenía ni perro ni gato y era evidente que se acercaba algo extraño que amenazaba contra ella, entonces ella salió disparada hacia la puerta pero cuando se dio vuelta para correr siento su presencia, en cuestión de segundos se escucho un gruñido y se dio vuelta sobresaltada, era el maldito muñeco que había comprado hace tres años estaba parado allí y con un cuchillo en la mano mirándola fijamente.
    Ella no se movía y el muñeco tampoco, era un silencio espectral, en cuestión de segundos, el muñeco gruño y se abalanzó sobre ella, la chica cayó hacia atrás con el muñeco enredado en su cara y sin saber qué hacer, forcejearon un rato hasta que la chica logro sacárselo de encima.
    Ella corrió hacia la puerta de su casa y escapo, corrió desesperadamente hacia la oficina de su padre que eran unas cuantas cuadras, siempre miro para atrás para ver si el muñeco estaba detrás de ella, pero en ningún momento lo vio.
    Llego a la oficina del padre gritando y golpeando la puerta y su padre salió sin entender que estaba pasando, le pregunto de que se trataba todo eso, y ella contesto que un muñeco la quería matar, y el padre la miro con cierta desaprobación y le dijo que dejara de decir tonterías, que era tarde ya para estar diciendo pelotudeces y que se callara la boca, entonces la agarro del brazo y se la llevo a la casa.
    Soledad lloraba y gritaba, no paraba de repetirlo al padre que el peluche estaba en la casa y que iba a atacar, cuando el padre abrió la puerta el peluche estaba detrás y salto hacia el y lo mato, cayó con una puñalada en medio de la cara y quedo en la puerta de entrada.
    Soledad grito y cayo desmayada de la impresión que le dio, el muñeco maldito y sádico empezó a hacer una especie de ruido parecido a una risa y le clavo la puñalada en medio de su estomago, ella despertó de su desmayo gritando del dolor y murió en cuestión de minutos.
    Hoy ese muñeco se pasea de tienda en tienda para que lo compren y satisfaga esa sed de venganza que tiene hasta el día de hoy.

    Thanks for the chance!!I love your miniatures!!!!
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  39. Alma e Lia, I also still remember some of the nightmares when I was very very young. Especially the giant spider above my bed the size of my head, LOL. That's so funny that once you were safe with your mom in her bed, you dreamt the snakes were dead, LOL. Were you scared you would have to eat them for dinner? LOL.
    Alma e Lia, yo también Todavía recuerdo algunas de las pesadillas cuando era muy muy joven. Especialmente a la araña gigante por encima de mi cama del tamaño de mi cabeza, LOL. Eso es tan divertido que una vez que estaban a salvo con su madre en su cama, soñaba con las serpientes estaban muertos, LOL. ¿Tenia miedo de que usted tendría que comer para la cena? LOL.

  40. Janil!!!! WOW!!! Excellent story! Now I want to make a miniature scary stuffed bear with a knife, LOL. I will put that on my list of things to make. :)

    Janil!! WOW! Excelente historia! Ahora quiero hacer una miniatura miedo oso de peluche con un cuchillo, LOL. Voy a poner eso en mi lista de cosas para hacer. :)

  41. Oh my....I have to try and scare you....ok here goes....BOO !

  42. ppppppffffffffttt!!! That was TERRIBLE Jayne, ROFL!

  43. This one is real and it's not pretty but I think it's a story my whole family will never forget.
    A few months ago I was living at an apartment and I was always uncomfortable in that apartment.I felt like someone was watching me.Sometimes food was missing and sometimes new food would be opened.
    Well, I finally convinced my husband we should move after some kids threw a rock through my window and the rock barely missed my son.
    Well,my sister came to town and decided to stay in my empty apartment for a few days with her little girl.Anyway,a man came in through the window in the middle of the night and my sister saw him walking toward her in the darkness and she got up and punched him in the face.A huge fight went on between my sister and this man.He broke her arm and choked her til she passed out a few times but luckily the cops came busting through the door before she was raped or killed.The thing we found out was he was a cereal rapist who had been stalking me for a

  44. You were supposed to be scared witless...not laugh :-)

  45. I am enjoying these scary stories though, alas, I do not have one myself. I could recite Poe to you, though....would that work?

  46. Jayne, you need to work on your frightening skills, lol.
    Tabitha, seriously just go copy some story off the internet (cut and paste), lol. That's probably what I would do.

  47. meeyeehere, that's really scary! He could have killed your sister, or YOU if you were still living there. Yikes!!!

  48. Um jovem empresário, em uma viagem de negócios passa por uma estrada, cai a noite e ele para na frente de um hotel.

    Decidindo que seria mais seguro não dirigir de noite em rodovias sem iluminação,decide passar a noite no hotel.

    Ele se dirige ao balcão e é prontamente atendido por uma simpática garota, elá dá a chave do último quarto do corredor.

    Quando está no caminho para seu quarto, ele nota que, de frente para o seu, há um quarto sem marcação (número). Com curiosidade ele olha pela fechadura do quarto e vê uma mulher extremamente pálida de costas para a porta, olhando para a janela.

    Sem nada para estranhar ele vai dormir.

    No outro dia ele acorda e resolve olhar de novo, e tudo que vê é vermelho(?!), ele logo pensa: "Provavelmente a mulher notou que eu estava olhando e colocou algo vermelho para bloquear a fechadura."

    Depois, não aguentando a curiosidade, ele, quando já está saindo do hotel, pergunta à garota que fica no balcão:

    "Quem é aquela mulher do quarto à frente do meu? "

    A garota olha surpresa, e responde :

    "Naquele quarto, uma vez ficou uma família, o pai assassinou a mulher e os filhos se matando depois. E a característica mais marcante era que eles todos tinham o corpo branco, exceto pelos olhos que eram vermelhos.".

  49. Daisy !!!!!!!! Você conseguiu!! Essa história realmente me deu arrepios quando li a última linha! Ela estava olhando para ele, eeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Daisy!!!!!!!! You succeeded!!!! This story actually gave me goosebumps when I read the last line!!! She was looking back at him, eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  50. You know what would be really scary:
    If you woke up one morning and all of your miniatures would be gone...

  51. Hahaha! That would suck for sure! I've collected some awesome little miniatures - I just love them all.

  52. No he encontrado una historia de miedo que sea lo bastante cortita, por lo tanto os pongo unos versos, espero que al traducir se entienda bien

    .En el puente antiguo que cruza el pantano
    donde existe un pueblo por el agua ahogado,
    cuenta la leyenda que al calor del sol,
    pues esto sería, relatan así, en pleno verano,
    se bajan las aguas por evaporación,
    y sucede entonces que aparece allá
    la única cosa que todos verán,
    la tumba de ella, de la antepasada,
    que en noche sin luna, oscura y cerrada,
    si el puente que existe tu osas cruzar,
    verás en tu sombra otra sombra más,
    ataud de la muerta que en tu pasear
    te acompaña, y dime ¿a dónde irás?

    Espero que os guste.
    Subo el aviso de tu sorteo a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  53. Ascension, this is a very eerie little tale! Thanks for sharing it, and thanks so much for putting my contest on your blog!

  54. I've followed your blog intensly, but have never commented before. Now I'm contributing a Finnish folk tale that brought chills to my bones as a kid:

    There was a young farm hand who had betrothed a milkmaid. At the end of the year the groom took a job far away. As they parted the maid said ”Come fetch me this future year my love, no matter wether you live or die.”
    A year passes, and the groom arrives one winter night, and calls to his bride: ”Now I've come for you as you asked. Hurry, because we must leave tonight.”
    Soon the bride was ready and they took of with great haste in their sleigh. Thy passed a church and the groom spoke thus: ”The moon shines brightly, the dead ride lightly. Do you not fear, o living one?” ”Why should I fear when my love rides so near” said the bride.
    Thus they passed six churches. Each time they passed a church the groom spoke, ”The moon shines brightly, the dead ride lightly. Do you not fear, o living one?” and every time the bride answered: ”Why should I fear when my love rides so near.”
    At the seventh church the sleigh stood still. The groom and walked into an open grave by the church. The sleigh was nowhere, and the only footprints in the snow was the brides. Only now the bride felt fear, for now she realised her love had died but still had come for her as promised.

  55. Hi Kirsty here goes my made up story
    Sara x :o)
    Chloe hadn’t been able to sleep for about a week now, no real reason, just a feeling of apprehension with almost an irrational fear of sleeping. Tonight would be different though, she had prepared herself a hot bath with lavender oil and several lit candles of the same scent around it, she was determined to relax; her mum had told her that lavender relaxes and aids sleep, so she had decided to give it a go.
    Slowly immersing herself into the water, Chloe began to relax, looking forward to a good nights’ sleep, as she was closing her eyes, nose deep in the water a snuffling sound from outside the bathroom door disturbed her.
    “What the.....”
    Chloe sat bolt upright and listened for a moment or two but no new sound came, she concluded that she had misheard and that the lack of sleep was making her imagine things. Whilst sinking back into the bath Chloe suddenly stopped.
    “That’s odd” she muttered to herself, the water seemed to have lost its temperature very quickly.
    Whilst reaching for the hot tap to add more water, a chill suddenly passed through her, leaving the hairs on her body standing up tall. The tap was freezing and ice crystals were forming around it, grabbing at her fingers to adhere to it. Quickly pulling her hand away she continued to speak to herself.
    “That’s enough, this is just too weird”
    Leaning across to grab her towel, Chloe started shrieking, she couldn’t move, completely stuck as the water had completely frozen around her body. Horrified and unable to feel her legs, Chloe just sat staring at the now oddly flickering candles, their scent becoming dizzyingly strong and sickly sweet. Chloe’s logic was now telling her that, no breeze could be causing this, so what was happening.
    The candles continued to flicker almost with a hypnotic rhythm and the odd snuffling noise had returned behind the door, louder and faster almost urgent this time. Chloe felt as if her heart would burst, beating faster in time to the sound but then suddenly everything stopped, the sound and the flickering both ceasing together.
    Catching her breath Chloe told herself to calm down and think of logical answers but before her heart rate returned to its normal state the candles flared up tall, 6 inches or more, once , twice, three times and then along with Chloe’s blood curdling scream the candles were extinguished along with Chloe into a dark menacing silence

    By Sara Scales

  56. Awesome stories Sara and Paivi!!! Very creepy indeed!

  57. A young couple who had inherited an old house from a distant relative, had just moved in. They explored their new home and it wasn't long before they found a wine cellar where they found a large barrel of brandy. They tried moving it and even got a few friends to help but they couldn't budge it. In the end, they decided to have a housewarming party and give out glasses of brandy to empty the barrel and make it easier to move. A few days after the party, they went back into the cellar and tried to move the barrel again. Although it sounded empty, it still wouldn't move. The husband got out his saw and cut the top off the barrel. Inside they found a dead body ....they had drank the brandy that had preserved it.

    Hope that's gross & creepy enough for you because I'd sure love to win that mouse!
    hugs Karin

  58. HAHAHA!!! That's disgusting Karin (very gross and creepy!).

  59. 31 de octubre 12 de la noche, un sonido inconfundible, cada vez más cercano.
    Uno, dos, tres, cuatro… once, doce y trece. Silencio.
    El sudor frío de las manos y la aceleración de los latidos del corazón decía que el tramo de las escaleras ya estaba completado.
    El crujir del parquet anunciaban unos pasos lentos hacía mi habitación.
    No podía moverme, tan solo podía fijar la mirada en la puerta. Por debajo de la puerta unas sombras anunciaban que alguien estaba ahí.
    El pomo de la puerta empezó a girar muy lentamente.
    El sonido atronador del corazón replicando en mis oídos, hacía que la vista empezara a nublarse por exceso de oxigenación.
    El pomo siguió girando y la puerta empezó a abrirse y de repente todo se quedó oscuro.
    No podía gritar, no podía moverme, el miedo me había paralizado por completo.
    Un relámpago alumbro la habitación y ahí estaba, junto a la cama a escasos centímetros de mí.
    Un ser espeluznante, rodeado de un aura gris y fría, se inclinó con la mano extendida y rodeando mí cuello grito con un sonido gutural…
    ¿Truco o trato?
    Besitos, May

  60. I have saved up everyone's scary story on my email box. How can most of them be true????!!!!! You guys are scarrrrrry! :):)

    Here goes :

    My story is about a one-eyed man who woke up one afternoon to find himself in the Kingdom of the Blind. No one was around and all was quiet. No traffic, no factory noises, no markets buzzing although the facilities were there.

    As he walked, he found houses. He walked up close, peeped through the windows and saw that everyone was sleeping. This was the case for all of the houses.

    As evening approached, life in the kingdom started stirring, People woke up, made "breakfast" and headed off to work. But it was dark, there was no lights and the one-eyed man could not do much.

    The one eyed man decided he had to "educate" these people. Tell them of the beautiful things they were missing because they could not see, how they should work in the day because of the sunshine but most importantly, how In the kingdom of the blind, the one eye man is King.

    Of course, the blind people, having been blind for the last 14 generations did not believe him one bit. They told Mr One Eye that there's no such thing as colours. People work when it is cool, sleep when it is hot and "day and night" is an invention of a mad man. More importantly, people don't SEE. Where the eyeballs are, there should be holes. And King?? No way.

    The man got angrier and angrier and unable to convince the others. he kept screaming "In the Kingdom of the Blind , the One Eye Man is King...In the Kingdom of the Blind , the One Eye Man is King!"

    There was stone silence amongst the crowd and then someone shouted. "This man is clearly crazy! We must help him! If it is true that this man has an eye, let's take it out so that he can be normal like us!!!" So the crowd charged ahead and went at the 1 eye man . Nobody knew what body parts they took but judging from his moans and groans , they definitely took quite a lot.

    The man never spoke again about sight or day or nights or for the matter, anything. One thing is for sure, in the kingdom of the blind, the one eye man better not be spea-King! :)

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh....(scary noise)

  61. Hi Fiver.
    I've translated the story to make your job easier.

    October 31, midnight. One unmistakable sound, closer and closer.
    One, two, three, four ... eleven, twelve and thirteen. Silence.
    The cold sweat of the hands and accelerated heartbeat said the flight of stairs were completed.
    The rustle of the park was announcing a few steps to my room.

    I could not move, could only stare at the door. Beneath the shadows door announcing that someone was there.
    The doorknob began to turn very slowly.
    The thunderous sound replicating heart in my ears, made the view began to cloud excess oxygen.
    Kept turning the knob and the door began to open and suddenly everything went dark.
    I could not scream, I could not move, fear had paralyzed me completely.
    A lightning illuminates the room and there he was, next to the bed just inches from me.
    A being creepy, surrounded by an aura gray and cold, he leaned with his hand out and around my neck with a guttural scream ...
    Trick or treat?

    Kisses, May

  62. Wow - what a great idea for a giveaway! And so many fantastic scary stories - and most of them true. Sigh, no chance for me, I can't do scary. But nevertheless, here's my story in broken English:

    Far away in a magic forest was a certain witch tower where little vampire bat Igor was on a very naughty mission. On his tiptoes he came nearer to his prey - the witch's supply of dragon blood for a year. Quiet now, one more move and... "What do you think you're doing up there on this shelf?" The witch had appeared out of nowhere. "Eh, some kind of inventory...?!" - "Oh, shut up, you little rascal. I've told you a 1000 times to leave my dragon blood alone. Now I'm gonna teach you a lesson. I'm gonna jinx you into something awful... Let's see - what would you think of becoming a homeshopping channel host?" Igor faded, "No, mercy!!!" The witch answered, "I know better, I'm gonna jinx you into a mouse with a strawberry." Igor was puzzled, but scared, too. What was she up to? The witch explained: "Never mind the strawberry, just a joke for my dear friend Flutterby. But you will become a little mouse - wait till you meet Nevermore!" Nevermore, the witch cat, appeared and Igor found himself transformed into a tiny mouse. Rats! How embarrassing, too. "Hey, buddy" he shouted, "even if I'm a mouse now we're still friends, eh?!" Nevermore grinned coldly and replied, "We were buddies as long as cat rhymed with bat, but never forget cats catch mice and eat them with or without spice." And saying this Nevermore came nearer and his hypnotic amber eyes made it impossible for Igor to move. All he could do was scream: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh.....!!!!!"

    P.S.: No animal or witch was harmed in the making of this story. Oh, I can't do scary... (lol).

  63. True story; When I was studying we stayed two weeks in a village, stayd the nights at the old farmhous. Last night we were there I woke up suddenly; somebody was blowing veeeeryyy chilly air over my face. I put on the lights, nobody there. Went to sleep and woke up again for a loud BANG! Put up the lights again: nobody, but it was very chilly feeling...And the door of the little cabin was open, I hadn`t been able to open it during the days! Oh...didn`t know what to think, but left one little lamp on and went to sleep again (needed one more planket) and suddenly BANG again... GOT UP; s a w the little cabin door closed very tightly... and got that c h i l l y feeling very close to my head... iiiiIIIhhhhHHHHaaaAAA

  64. Ok...I have a true, slightly scary story. It was plenty scary at the time...but I don't know how well it holds up. A few years ago, I fell quite horribly ill. A gall stone (which I didn't know I had) had popped out of the gallbladder and and lodged itself in my pancreas giving me pancreatitis; a very painful and disabling condition. I was hospitalized and hooked up to tubes and morphine. After about three days where I was mostly out of it...I began to be aware of my surroundings a little better. Hospitals are notoriously too noisy and bright to sleep well at night - so I had a sleep mask. But they come to wake you, check your vitals and such and normally ask you some questions. I would have the sense that someone was there, watching me and would lift my mask...nothing. But I really KNEW that someone was there. Then one night I felt someone slip in beside me in the bed, spoon-like. Not ok! Part of me said it was the morphine...but where else are there going to be more restless spirits of people who have passed, than the hospital? It was really unsettling! I asked to be weaned off the morphine!

    These have all been such great stories! Whoever wins that little mouse will be very lucky!

  65. YIPPEEE!!! More stories!!! And WOW, these are really good ones!

    May, give that ghost some treats already!!! LOL

    Sans, did you make that up? I haven't heard it before but it's really good. Reminds me of a Twilight Zone (or maybe more like Night Gallery) story - do you guys remember Night Gallery back in the 70's? LOL

    Birgit, OMG I'm ROFLing!!! Poor little Igor. You see, your miniatures can inspire you to tell great stories.

    Kikka---eeeeeeeeeaaaaah! I bet you were thankful that it was your last night there!!!!

    Cate and David (ok, which one are you?) LOL
    That story really gave me the creeps - the "feeling somebody gets in your bed at night" ones always give me goosebumps.

  66. My story is an abridged version by me (ahem) of HG Wells' short story The Country of the Blind. I changed the middle and ending so that this does not become a 10 part comment :):) BUT it is still a HG Wells story , so put his name in the hat :):). It is my all time fav horror story :):)

    You can read the full story here :

  67. LOL, hey Sans no worries. The story can be true, fiction, made up or you can re-tell a story you've heard or read. The only rule is that it be SCARY...which yours definitely is!

  68. I got as far as reading cockerina and I wanted to tell her please don't be afraid of those dreams.They help prepare us for what is to happen.Mine aren't dreams but a knowing a few hours before someone close passes on.
    OK now MY TRUE story.
    Through my life I have "seen" things and felt things.Not on a daily basis but it does happen.When I was about 18 my fiance and I were walking past a strip mall about 10:30 at night.We were going to a dance.We grew up in this area so we knew where we were going.As we walked along the rail road tracks behind the mall I stopped suddenly.I couldn't move.This scared me.My guy looked back at me and asked me what was up.I told him something was pulling me back towards the mall.He saw I was scared.He tried to gently pull me along and I didn't budge.He had to kind of drag me about 4 feet until I could actually move again.As we made our way along he reminded me of the store that was there.It was a proudly death metal/black energy store.The group Fetal Abortion was one of their best sellers.I had never been able to spend more than 10 minutes in that store when my friends went there.Now I know why.It wasn't right.Even in sunlight it felt dark.Luckly my guy had known me for a long time and this didn't suprise him.Shocked him though.
    I have passed this on to my children.Listen to how things feel.If it's not 'right' then get away from it.
    On a softer note, my kids have always had friends that move things and no one else can see.My youngest calls them her ghostie friends.

  69. I'm sorry - I really should sign these posts when I make them! David will occasionally go around and comment on blogs but this time it's me - Cate! :)

  70. LOL, no apologies necessary Cate -I figured it was you ;)

  71. Great stories! I come back every few days here just to see if there are new ones ;D
    Cate's story reminded me about my Granny. She lived in the same house before and after the II ww but during the war my family had to leave their home and German's soldiers made a hospital in my Granny's house. There were no scary stories about this place in my family but I was always feeling not comfortable staying there for the nights as I was always convinced somebody is walking around the house in the dark. Anyway shortly before she died, my Granny always reapeted she sees "so many of them" at her room and we always thought there must had been the souls/ghosts of the people that died in this hospital during the war.

  72. Okay - for days I was thinking, if I know a true scary story and today I remembered an incident:
    A few years ago a friend visited me in Berlin and we went for walk through the park, when we both suddenly stopped because we both got icecold to the bones and we were scared without knowing why. We looked at each other and we both wanted to leave the place very fast! When we reached the place on our way back, we saw a little memorial stone under a tree. A young man was killed there a few years ago.....

  73. eeeee, that sort of thing is so creepy Andrea.
    And Ewa, that's really freaky!
    Mousee, how strange! I wonder why you had such a bad feeling about this music store?

  74. True , but very short story
    I recently went to the orthodontist, that WAS scary...
    And yesterday I received the bill.I can assure you that was scary big time!
    I am still hiding underneath my bed trying to recover, rom both the encounter and the bill:-)

  75. ROFL!!! That is downright terrifying Elly!! Seriously! I feel for you!

  76. What a darling little mouse! I would LOVE to win one of your tiny critters!
    My friend and I were tent camping in the mountains several years ago. We were tucked into our sleeping bags in the tent and just starting to fall asleep when I heard a growl. I whispered to my friend, "did you hear that?!" She said, "Shhh." Then we heard it again, both of us! I didn't know what to do! Our van was yards away where my boys were sleeping. When I heard the growl for the third time, my friend started giggling. Turns out it was my stomach that was growling and NOT the big bear I had imagined!!! TRUE STORY! :D

  77. Porissa on kuultu kerrottavan tarinaa miehestä joka asuu yksinään keskellä metsää. Eihän siinä nyt sinänsä mitään outoa ole, mutta kuuleman mukaan hän on rakentanut koko asumuksensa ja sitä kiertävän aidan roskista ja jätetavarasta. Aita on korkea, eikä siinä ole porttia. Vaikka yrittäisi kuinka etsiä ei aidantakaa ole ulospääsyä. Paikka on siis täysin eristyksissä muusta maailmasta, miten se on mahdollista? Muutamat ovat sanoneet nähneensä aidan ylitse pihassa olevan hautausmaan. Mitäköhän sinne on haudattuna?

  78. Kaisa, eeeeee!! ihmettelen, mitä on haudattu siellä!
    Kathi, oh that's too funny!!!!

  79. mi iscrivo !!! il 18 è il compleanno di mio marito, sarebbe un bel regalo :o)

  80. Minilisa, provare a raccontare una storia o un evento spaventoso per qualificarsi, okay? Grazie mille! :)

  81. Que historias mas fantásticas.
    Esta es una historia real.
    Cuando era pequeña jugaba con mis primos alrededor de la casa de ellos cuando vimos una sombra negra pasar por una casa cercana que estaba en ruinas. Volvimos corriendo a la casa de mis primos muertos de miedo, hacia un rato que mi prima pequeña que estaba enferma había muerto.

  82. Ok I'm not so sure my is scary but to me it was. This is a true story. In college I took a Cherokee language class on the reservation. The high school was set up in a ring, where the cafeteria was in the middle, a ring of classrooms outlined that and you had to enter through the first ring of classrooms to get to the third and last ring of classrooms. Well it was about 730ish at night and no one was in the building but the 7 people in my class, that happened to be in the outside ring of the school. The classroom that you had to pass tru to get to where we were was dark, no lights. As a friend and I was watching the professor this orb of light about the size of a volleyball came into the room. It was hovering about 4 1/2 feet of the ground. I will never forget it was white on the inside and this bluish color on the outside. I came about 2 feet into the room towards the professor and then shot out of the room and disappeared about the same time my friend and I screamed out "what the #$*@ was that". No one else in the class saw it. But the look on the professors face when she calmly said I didn't think anyone else saw it so I wasn't going to say anything. She believed it was a shape shifter. All I can say it that school creeps me out to this day.

  83. Wow! These are really creepy stories. Somethings like that never happend to me. But a friend told me a story and I will write it down as a poem so it doesn’t sound too scary…

    Once a friend let’s call her Trudy
    Really sets me in a scary moody
    By telling me a frightening story
    That takes away all her glory

    Someday she heards sounds from the attic
    And went upstairs for the problematic
    There on the floor was an open book
    Where she had to take a look
    She reads the line: just watch your back
    And turned around to see a mirror on a rack
    Which shows behind her something like a ghost
    And she doesn’t thought about him like a host
    Trudy runs back and shuts the door
    And never went back there anymore!

  84. Thanks so much Matxalen, emsimmons and Nicole for those creepy stories. Nicole, I love the poem!! And nothing like what's happened in these stories has happened to me either, lol.

    The deadline is tomorrow and I've been reading all of these again. They're all so darn good I'm going to have a heck of a time trying to pick the top ten. :(

  85. Glad you love the poem, tried to give my best in English and now I regognize how rough and bumpy it is, horrible!!! Ha! There we have it again! Creepy horrible and this fits again!
    And what I totally forgot to say (when thinking only about scary stories) is: Your little creatures are so cute and adorable! Wish I had your amazing talent!