Hello and welcome, anybody who may come across this little blog of mine! I've just started this blog, and plan on focusing on miniatures, animals, and miniature animals. However, I'm also hoping it can be a fun place to talk about just about anything. We'll see.........

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I thought of a new thing - WIP

I rarely show pictures of anything until they are completed. So maybe (just maybe) I can do a topic on stuff I'm working on.
I'm working on a toy box with all kinds of tiny toys, and it's been a big PITA but I think I'm almost finished. Then I just have to make a couple critters to go with it. I'm thinking of having one sitting on the floor playing with one of the toys, and the other looking in the toy box for a toy to play with. Maybe I'll post a pic of what I've done so far if I have time.
By the way, do you guys know where the emoticons are??? I have to have my emoticons!!!


  1. Oh, Kristy! I can't wait to see your latest PITA! Please don't make them possums. You know I can't resist those little guys!

    I have no idea where to get emoticons. Maybe Walmart?

  2. Possums are a real possibility as I told you, lol. Playtime for Possums (but I haven't decided for sure yet).
    I'll make your four baby possums someday Carolyn! :)