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Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Nudes (3 new pre-furred teeny tinies)

I normally make just one at a time because I'm impatient to see the final outcome. But I've got three in the works to try to save a little time so I can get some Christmas shopping done (and gifts made). The raccoon and mouse are 3/4 inch tall and the bunny is about 3/16 inch tall. This will be the smallest raccoon I've tried to fur, so he might end up in the trash, lol. By the way, is anybody else starting to feel the stress of Christmas? :-(


  1. lol @ nudes, should I be ashamed Kristy? I mean I'm lovin' the so so cute, the little coon is my favorite, you are amazing!! xoxox Christel

  2. Awwww, they look so vulnerable wiv no clothes on!!
    This Christmas is the most stress-free for us for a long time. Just us two and the cats, probably a walk on the beach (it's summer here) and a turkey-and-salad meal on The Day. Lazy days. Avoiding the towns, shops and television helps :)

  3. LOL Christel!!! I figured "nude" is more of an attention grabber than "work in progress" or "pre-furred". ;)

    Glenda, you are soooooooo lucky!!!! That sounds like the perfect Christmas to me! Especially the walk on the beach in the summertime part!

  4. The three guys are sooooooooooo charming already! Can't wait to see MORE of them! :D
    I should be at least a bit stressed before Christmas, somehow I am not - which should be worrying me as it is not much time to prepare ...hmmm...;)

  5. The three little rascals are great, I can not wait to see them finished!!
    Christmas stress? No, the kids come, we will have nice walks together and I am hopefull that it snows for Christmas(-:
    Birthday stress? YES!!
    Tomorrow is my husbands and Lunas ( our dog) birthday and I have much to do today(-;

  6. They look skinny like a wet cat, but oh so cute, love to see them with their fur coats on. Not stressed by Christmas, will be visiting relatives in the country so will be a nice change.

  7. They are toooo cute :)
    Christmas stress? only when I go out, which isn't very often! The crowds are horrendous this year, so I have done alot of my shopping online!
    Julia xxx

  8. Cute, cute and cute! Christmas stresses me only because I have to travel to where it is very cold and snowy. My preference is to stay put...then I'd be stress free!

  9. They are already so cute... don't you dare throw that raccoon in the trash even if the fur wouldn't work as you have planned!!! I'd tell Santa about it!!! (LOL)

    I'm really successful this year staying away from christmas stress, which normally means to avoid the crowded cities and the idiots on radio and tv with their permanent speaking of how to avoid christmas stress. Glenda's plans of walking on the beach and having summer sound like music to me because it's snowing and snowing around here and I will have to shovel snow again and again and for always *sob* ;O)

    Hope to the the three beauties furred soon!

  10. I can't imagine working on three at once. I would have bunny ears on my raccoon and a mouse tail on my rabbit. They are really cute...even in the nude.

  11. They are abolutely sweet - these little rascals! And I KNOW, the little racoon (even if he would like a trashbin...) will NOT end there.
    Have a great week Andrea

  12. Kristy, They look so amazing even without fur!! Great coloring on all of these little one's. FORGET the trash bin!!! You wouldn't dare!!
    LOL at Catherine's comment!!! That is too funny!

  13. Kristy , they already do look adorable ( and do forget about the trashbin or I am going to camp next to it to catch your cast-offs).
    Hope you will reach Xmas without too much stress. I do not do Xmas, so the only thing I have to deal with is avoiding the shops. Next week I make my grocery deliver at home, to avoid the supermarket:-)


  14. They are soooo cute! but please put their warm jamies on soon, they look cold and vulnerable.

  15. there's something so cute and charming about them before they are flocked. I love them Kristy ♥

  16. Kristy, these skin babies are sooo precious, love the bunny tooth!

    Yes, I relate to your stress!! It's pretty much the norm for me at this time of year. Like clockwork, though, it subsides (usually on the eve) and all is good into the New Year. Can't wait for the 24th!!

  17. Thank you guys! They are a little rough looking at this stage. If I know a sculpt will be covered in fur, I don't have to be super careful to make him all nice and smooth. And the paint is more a guideline for me when I fur them.
    Hey Karin!!! Tell hubby and Luna Happy Birthday for me! :)
    Margaret, yep they need to be skinny because they will gain a ton of weight after they're furred. In fact, I'm furring the raccoon now and I probably should have made him even skinnier - he's looking sort of like a pom-pom. :(
    LOL Catherine! No you would NOT!! But you know, they might actually be cute mixed up like that. ;)
    Elly, you're very lucky you don't have do the Christmas thing. I don't really find it fun anymore now that I'm an adult and the nieces and nephews are teens (they just want cashola now, LOL). I guess I'm just a big bah-humbug scrooge. :-(

  18. I just want to put little robes on them. Tee hee. Very cute, as always!

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