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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Graduate

I took a break from the raccoon making (I swear I was starting to see them in my sleep), and made this little mouse for my Aunt (to be a gift for her granddaughter who's graduating from High School in June). She's going to insist on paying me - I HATE that!!! I don't like taking money from relatives, I'd much rather it just be a gift. I'm thinking I'll just mail it with an invoice for $1.00 LOL


  1. He is so cute! How did you make that cap?

    Oh this is the best group of letters I have ever had to type in to post in someones blog, butflo
    OMG! LOL

  2. He's really cute, Fiver! I know what you mean about the relative thing. Ilike your idea of the invoice!

  3. Thank you Catherine and Robin!

    Catherine, what on earth does "butflo" mean?? It sounds rather disgusting, LOL.

    The top part of the cap is just two small squares of Bristol board glued together and I just used embroidery floss for the tassle. I got the idea from a little tutorial on the internet. Here's the link: For the bottom of the cap, I just used cardboard and a piece of black ribbon.

  4. Cute cute and cute. So incredibly tiny and perfect.I'm sure that it will be much loved Have a nice day Rosanna

  5. So you have an Aunt who is graduating ? How young are you, Kristy :)? Anyhoo, I can see how you need to really get away from them when you call them raccon *hehe. Sorry, I teased people about their typos especially when I am incredibly jealous of their talents :). Your little rat is super adorable. What's her name?

    You should let her pay you, my dear because otherwise, she will not feel good asking you to make her something :). Better still, ask her to cook you your favourite dish as an exchange like Singapore chicken rice maybe LOL.

  6. Hello
    I just found your blog and I just
    want to say that I love your
    little animals - especially the
    graduate mouse and the animal smoking area! Such pretty little

    Eva J

  7. LMAO, SUSAN!!!!! OOOOPS! I fixed it now, hahaha. Thank you for pointing that out! And my Aunt isn't graduating from high school silly!! It's her granddaughter (my cousin's daughter).
    Good idea about having her cook me something, although I doubt she knows how to cook Singapore chicken rice, lol.

  8. He is so cute!!!!!So tiny and so perfect
    groetjes Ingrid

  9. Die ist so putzig.... wunderbar gemacht!

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  10. Pero que preciosidad!!!!
    Seguro que le va a encantar.
    Es tan dulce!!!, a pesar de ser un ratoncito jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  11. Another heart melting creation coming form your hands... you are awesome Kristy!!!

  12. so adorable Kristy!!! I agree it's hard to ask for money from a relative- but sometimes they want to pay to let you know they value you as an artist. I always pay my brother for anything he makes me because I think his work is worth it and I'm guessing your Aunt thinks the same :) I would!!

  13. Thank you so much everyone - virtual hugs to you all!! I'm thinking I'll add to my aunt's invoice "1 hug". She'll owe me $1.00 and 1 hug. How can she refuse that? LOL

  14. Welcome Eva J. :) You are my 70th follower!! I guess I better start thinking about a give-away when I reach 100.

  15. *steals the cap*


    so cute! then again everything you do is so gosh darn cute.

    say, do you make maltese dogs? :X

  16. I never have made one Cindy, why do you ask? Do you have a maltese?

  17. yes! her name's Eva and she's quite a character. i'll drop you an email ;)